Wilson Announce Collaboration with Jürgen Klopp with New Padel Racket

April 7, 2022

Wilson Sporting Goods has announced its newest plans to expand the padel community on an international level, by unveiling the latest collaboration with Jürgen Klopp. The Wilson x Klopp team aim to enhance the expanding growth of padel with this new, exciting venture in an attempt to build more extensive communities for the sport. 

The sport of padel has grown exponentially overseas and, according to Ignacio Cabrera – the global business director at Wilson Padel. He goes on to explain how “Demand and interest in Padel continues to grow in Europe, the United States and China, but also in other countries. This partnership with Jürgen Klopp is another important step in our strategy to further grow Al-Badil and build a wider community, integrating different passions with the sport.”

“I have spent my career focusing as a football manager at the highest level, while Padel has become my favourite sport to play. It’s the same passion really, just for a new game, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Wilson,” said Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager in the Premier League.

Jürgen Klopp is widely regarded as one of the finest football managers in the world and for an excellent reason, too. His inspiring passion for sport, combined with an innovative style of coaching has delivered success in each and every position he’s been in. “Padel is, besides football, the best game I have ever played.” the Liverpool manager stated. He goes on to explain “I have only known about it (for the) last five years or so, but since then, I’m really addicted to it. You make big steps in a short period of time. It’s really fun to play.”

The new announcement of the Wilson x Klopp padel racket highlights his unwavering passion for padel, and his enthusiasm for sport in general. The intention behind this excellent collaboration between the two iconic sporting names is to try and create more awareness and opportunities across the sport of padel for players of all levels of experience to participate and get involved. 

Paddle is part of the Wilson x Jürgen Klopp padel collection which comprises of a racket and bag, both of which showcase Klopp’s signature in a sleek style fit for the European football legend.

    wilson and klopp

    Features of the Wilson x Klopp Padel Racket

    • The new padel racket comes in the standard diamond shape and offers a balance of 260mm with a beam of 38mm and a length of 455mm. 
    • The racket features a strategically woven carbon fibre face, providing players with the ability to hit the ball with an impressive force. 
    • The soft EVA foam provides a cushioned feel combined with exceptional shock absorption and induces an effective mixture of comfort and lightweight power. 
    • The arrowhead pattern on the surface increases the comfortable feel whilst adding an extra degree of spin to players’ swings. 
    • The added moisture absorption through micro-perforations enhances the comfort and soft feel of the racket. The handle strap wraps around the wrist and tightens to provide added control of the racket.

    As an excellent final touch to the design, the Wilson x Klopp padel racket features the signature of Jürgen Klopp. The Wilson x Klopp collection was released in January and the set includes a yellow & black bat and carry bag featuring the Liverpool Manager’s signature detailing on both pieces with the Klopp bag providing the capacity to hold up to 6 rackets at once. This set would make for an excellent addition for team matches away or getting down to your local padel club with your teammates.

    wilson and jurgen klopp padel racket

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