Padel is becoming very popular in the UK and attracts hundreds of new players every year. With the increased demand for the sport, padel and tennis clubs are meetingthe demand by providing more padel courts for people to play on. The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) estimates that there are currently 107 padel courts in the UK and this continues to grow each year as many sport facilities invest in building courts. At the current moment in time padel is the fastest growing sport in the world!

Padel was originally invented in Mexico and was introduced to Spain in 1974, where the sport continues to flourish and is home to some of the best ranked players in the world. What Mexico and Spain have in common is that they both have better climates then the UK for playing padel all year round. 

Although the UK typically experiences great weather conditions to play padel in the summer months, the winter can often be challenging for padel players because of the cold breeze and lack of light. To allow UK padel players to play their favourite sport in Winter 2021, we at advise that you find a club that offers indoor padel courts so you will be able to continue to play padel even in the harshest of weather conditions.  

If you want to know where to play padel this Winter, we have listed below our number one indoor padel courts in England and Scotland:

The South: Burgess Hill Padel Club

The Triangle leisure centre in Burgess Hill, West Sussex is home to a newly installed padel court that has a roof for all weather padel playing. Although you might still get a bit cold in the winter, the roof will prevent rain and snow from settling on the court, so add an extra layer of clothing and keep enjoying the sport you love! The court is panoramic with 3m glass all round, with floodlights which will allow you to play even when the days get shorter in the winter months of 2021.

London: Stratford Padel Club

Stratford padel club is the only club in London to exclusively maintain a pay as you play membership, so no membership fee is required, making it a brilliant choice for padel newbies. Set in the iconic location of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, the club has three indoor courts which makes it one of the biggest indoor padel clubs in London. You are guaranteed to get access to a court in Winter 2021 if you pre-book in advance.

The North: Middlesbrough Padel Club

Middlesbrough Padel Club is located in Middlesbrough Tennis World, which has seen a recent £400,000 renovation which includes the installation of two indoor padel courts. Middlesbrough padel club claim they ‘offer the only covered, floodlit padel courts between Edinburgh to the north, Manchester to the west and Huddersfield to the south’. This is great news if you play padel in the north of the UK as you will have a padel court free for use all year around.

Scotland: West Of Scotland Padel Club

If you are looking for all weather padel courts in Scotland, West of Scotland Padel Club is the ideal club to play padel this winter. The club has three indoor padel courts, so there are plenty of courts to get a game. West of Scotland Padel Club is a great place for like minded padel players. Alongside this they host events to encourage players to join their padel community.

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