Where are the Pro Padel Tournaments Held Around the World?

June 11, 2021

With increasing popularity around the world in an array of countries including Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands and more, including the United States and the UK, Padel is reaching peak popularity in Spain.

Over the past 10 years, Padel has progressed to see a huge professional development since it’s initial outburst in 90s Argentina, with modern tournaments bringing together an average of 20,000 fans in stadiums to celebrate the game. 

But where are the games being held? If you’re familiar with sporting tours you’ll know there’s no one set location. If you’re a keen Padel follower or player, and you might even be able to catch a game or two in your city, or make the trip overseas to check out the big leagues! 

World Padel Tour: April – December 2021

World Padel Tour is the number one professional Padel circuit worldwide. As the leading It gathers the best players from all around the world and has its central headquarters in Spain, where 12 of the 16 tournaments in the calendar are developed.

This year, WPT announced an expansive schedule of 26 tournaments on the calendar, which is the most events in a World Padel season to date, including 5 Master Tournaments and 13 Open events for elite players, and 6 Challenger Tournaments for lower ranking elite players. All events lead up to the Masters Final in Madrid, visiting 6 different countries on the way including Portugal, Mexico and Argentina. See this year’s Scheduling below …

April 5th-11th Madrid Open, Spain

April 19th-25th Alicante Open, Spain

May 3rd-9th Vigo Open, Spain

May 24th-20th Santander Open, Spain

June 7th-13th Merbella Masters, Spain

June 14th-20th Albacate Challenger, Spain

June 21st-27th Valladoi Masters, Spain

July 5th-11th Valencia Open, Spain

July 12th-18th Puerto de Santa Maria Challenger, Spain

Aug 2nd-8th Malaga Open, Spain

Aug 9th-15th La Nucia Challenger, Spain

Aug 11th-14th Acapulco Exhibition, Mexico

Aug 23rd-29th Calanda Challenger, Spain

Aug 30th-Sept 5th Cascias Masters, Portugal

Sept 6th-12th Sardegna Open, Italy

Sept 13th-19th Barcelona Masters, Spain

Sept 20th-26th Lugo Open, Spain

Sept 27th-Oct 3rd Segovia Challenger, Spain

Oct 4th-10th Menorca Open, Spain

Oct 11th-17th Alfafar Challenger, Spain

Oct 18th-24th Cordoba Open, Spain

Nov 8th-14th Swedish Open, Sweden

Nov 15th-20th XV World Padel Championships, Doha

Nov 22nd-28th Buenos Aires Masters, Argentina

Nov 29th-Dec 5th Mexico Open, Mexico

Dec 16th-19th Madrid Masters Final, Spain

Cupra FIP Tour: April 2021

For the rising stars of Padel, there is the CUPRA FIP Tour: a series of events organised by the International Padel Federation.

Similarly arranged to how the International Tennis Federation provides younger players with opportunities as they strive to make it onto the ATP and WTA Tours in tennis, the FIP Tour runs tournaments for professional and semi-pro padel players across the world.

The CUPRA FIP Tour is held in Dubai, UAE at the NAS Sports Complex. 

LTA Padel Tour: May – July 2021

Bringing Padel much more local, this year will see the return of the LTA Padel Tour, providing the best of British players the chance to gain some valuable experience at national level competition. 

LTA Tour events will be played at venues all over the country, graded between 1 and 3 depending on the weight of the points available. 

May 1st National Tennis Centre Grade 2

May 8th Stratford Padel Club Grade 1

May 29th Guernsey Padel Club Grade 2

June 5th Tennis World, Middlesbrough Grade 2

June 12th Thistle Padel Club Grade 3

June 19th West of Scotland Padel Grade 2

June 26th East Glos Club Grade 3

July 3rd West of Scotland Padel Grade 2

July 17th Stratford Padel Club Grade 1

July 24th Stoke Park Grade 3

July 31st Maldon Padel Club Grade 3

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