What Are The Benefits Of Playing Padel Indoors Vs Outdoors?

June 17, 2021

Padel tennis is spreading across Europe and it’s slowly becoming the number one sport to play in countries like Spain, France and Italy. Padel is very addictive as it combines easy-to-play rules with a lot of fun. It’s a popular activity and it’s not just for the avid sportsman. A lot of businesses use padel as a team-building exercise and it’s played at many corporate events as the game is simple to pick up. It’s a game that is mostly played outdoors as many padel courts are designed for the open air. 

For a lot of countries where padel is popular, hot temperatures pose an issue when playing outdoors because it can sometimes be too hot to play. This can be disappointing when you have organised to play with a group of friends. In countries where the weather can be an obstacle in playing padel, it’s encouraging to see many indoor padel courts being built indoors. In this article, we will explain the benefits of playing padel indoors vs outdoors. 

The Weather

 The weather has a unique part to play when it comes to padel. With outdoor padel courts, weather extremes can make padel difficult to play. If the padel court has been soaked with rain, it can make the playing surface unplayable. The court will be slippery, offer no grip and playing on wet surfaces can cause injuries. Alternatively, hot weather can pose its own set of challenges. If the court gets too hot, it can be unbearable to play because of the heat that is emitted off the often concrete surface. Playing in extremely hot weather can be risky to your health as you could be exposed to sunburn and dehydration, which could result in heatstroke. 

These issues simply don’t exist with indoor padel courts, because the court is sheltered from the elements and temperature can be controlled with air conditioning. 

Lighting Of A Padel Court 

The lighting of an outdoor padel court can be limited especially in extreme sunshine. Outdoor padel courts often are equipped with floodlights which enable players to play at night, but lighting can be difficult during the day. Extreme sunlight can prevent padel players from seeing the lines of the court. Players can invest in sports sunglasses but these are often expensive and aren’t always accessible to a casual player. Indoor sports courts solve the issue of court lighting because indoor courts can maintain a consistent level of light as it is set by the venue. 

Guaranteed Fun On An Indoor Padel Court

No matter the weather or conditions, indoor padel courts will guarantee that you will never have any barriers when you want to play a game of padel. So if you are planning a padel event, we recommend that you organise it in an indoor court, because there is a smaller room for disappointment. Indoor padel courts aren’t as common as outdoor ones but every year there are more indoor courts available to hire.

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