Based in the West of Scotland and looking for a padel club near you? We’ve got you covered. Padel is wildly popular in many countries, such as Spain and Argentina, but over more recent years, many sport establishments have begun adding padel courts to their grounds and encouraging their members to give it a go. 

In European countries alone, there are over 20,000 padel courts and it’s estimated that there are currently four million players who regularly play the sport. We will be looking at the west of Scotland and how many padel courts are currently available for all of the passionate players around the country.

What’s New With Padel In The West Of Scotland?

In July 2021, plans were unveiled by the Newlands Lawn Tennis Club, that there were building plans to have an expansion of the current grounds, turning some of their land into a padel court. Padel tennis has been spreading across the UK, rising in popularity over the last few years. However, it has yet to become as well-known in Scotland. With this new proposal from the Newlands Lawn Tennis Club, this could be Glasgow’s first ever padel tennis court. 

Currently, padel is only a low-key sport in Scotland, with many centres not having a court on their grounds. There are only six padel courts existing in Scotland with the closest one to Glasgow being the West Scotland Padel Club in Ayrshire. 

However, there are still some famous faces that are in high support of this sport going country-wide. Glasgow-born tennis star Andy Murray invested an unknown amount into Game4Padel, which is an Edinburgh-based group. This company is known for its construction and maintenance of nearby padel courts. With sport celebrities such as Murray showing a keen interest in padel, it looks like West Scotland could expect many more courts popping up soon. 

Padel Clubs In West Scotland

As mentioned above, there are only a few spots in the entirety of Scotland which gives you access to padel courts. The West Of Scotland Padel Club is in the minority in it’s offering of it’s three state of the art padel courts. This venue is LTA approved, meaning that it has been given the stamp of approval from the padel industry. 

They also welcome all players of all skill levels, meaning that even if you’re a novice to the sport, you are much invited to go and have a try. To match up with this ideal, there is also a range of memberships, which fit your ability and you can even pay-and-play, if you don’t want to commit to only one padel location. However, if you do become a full-time member at this club, you get access to unlimited play, all of the social events your heart desires and even discounted equipment!

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