West Hants Padel Club

West Hants Padel Club

Written by Olivia Scott

September 30, 2021

About West Hants Padel Club

West Hants Padel Club is located in Talbot Woods, a short drive away from Bournemouth town centre. The club is attached to The West Hants Club, so if you become a member you will have access to other racket sports including tennis, squash and racketball.  

The club is home to one outdoor court and was the first club to bring padel to Dorset, way back in 2018.

The padel courts use grass surfaces to provide excellent playing conditions for their padel players. The padel courts are open-air, so they provide perfect playing conditions when the sun is shining. 

West Hants Padel Club is a family-friendly club and the staff are always to hand to provide the best service to its members. If you’re a padel enthusiast or looking to give it a go for the first time this is the club to try, you’ll be sure to love it, no matter your experience level!

The club is proud to provide one of only a few padel facilities in the South West!


Roslin Road South, Bournemouth, Hampshire, BH3 7EF.

This club is situated a short car journey away from the town of B. The padel club can be accessed by car and there is plenty of parking available. Also, it’s very close to the Dorset County Lawn Association and Bournemouth University.

Padel Facilities

Open to padel players of all different abilities, The West Hants Club offers its members free court use. You can book the court 1 week in advance, but there is a charge of £5 if you fail to turn up. 

You can hire padel equipment at the club. Bats can be hired at the reception for £2 a time or all 4 bats for £5 (key deposit required).

West Hants Padel Club has all the modern amenities of a great community club including showers, access to a clubhouse with a bar and changing rooms. There are also opportunities to try a new sport as well.


Roslin Road South




Telephone: 01372 843652

Email: [email protected]


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