We Rank 5 Top Padel Coaches In The UK

We Rank 5 Top Padel Coaches In The UK

We Rank 5 Top Padel Coaches In The UK

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Written by Olivia Scott

November 9, 2021

Chances are high that only five years ago, you weren’t familiar with padel or if you were, padel clubs were scarce around the UK. But to our greatest joy, padel has rapidly increased in popularity in the past few years. Suddenly, everybody seems to have picked up a new hobby and is now spending a couple of hours weekly at the padel court. A positive change, if you ask us. But when starting with padel, it can be difficult to find a good padel coach in the UK. We’ve listed the five best padel coaches in the UK according to our expertise.

Where can you find padel coaches in the UK?

As to be expected, the most padel clubs can be found in London. Hence why the most padel coaches can be found in our capital city too. Whilst there are more possibilities to play padel in London, this doesn’t necessarily mean that good padel coaches cannot be found outside of the city. To give you an idea of what you should be looking for, it can be useful to check if the coach in question has a LTA Padel Coaching Qualification. If you’re going to work with a padel coach, we definitely recommend choosing one that has official qualifications. After all, this says a lot about what they will be able to teach you. You don’t want to be wasting your time with a padel coach that has no idea what they are doing themselves.

Best padel coaches in the UK

So, let’s now have a look at the best padel coaches in the UK. You can only learn from the best, right? 

Steve Riley

Starting off strong with padel coach Steve Riley, who is the Director of Coaching and Founder of Will to Win. Riley has two qualifications: LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach and British Padel Level 1 Coach. With level 5 being the highest level of the LTA Padel Coaching Qualification, he is one of the best padel coaches in the UK. Riley tailors individual padel lessons, specifically focusing on beginners and learning padel players. Whatever your age and level of experience may be, Riley is happy to coach you to become an experienced padel player.

Jon Foster

Another padel coach that is definitely worth our recommendation is Jon Foster, who is The Padel Court Company’s fully qualified padel coach. Whether you’re looking for an individual padel lesson, a group lesson, mix in sessions, junior sessions, or even family sessions, Foster has experience in all aspects of padel and offers great lessons to both beginners and intermediate padel players.

Rafa at Rocks Lane

If you’re based in London, specifically near Chiswick, and are looking for one to one padel coaching lessons, we suggest coach Rafa at Rocks Lane. Rocks Lane Chiswick offers padel coaching seven days a week which makes it extremely easy and flexible to find time to play padel if you’re on a tight schedule.

Toby Bawden 

Another top level padel coach can be found at Will to Win. Toby Bawden coached tennis players for over ten years before switching to coaching padel four years ago. As Bawden has been a padel coach at different clubs in the UK, he has experience coaching padel players of all ages and levels.

Victor Perez

Last but not least, Victor Perez uses his Instagram to spread his coaching experience and love for padel amongst his followers. With over 2,000 padel players following his tips and tricks to improve their padel game, he has shown to be a great padel coach. According to his bio on Instagram, he has coached pro padel players. Plus, he knows a word or two in Spanish so besides learning how to play padel, you can also learn how to speak Spanish simultaneously!

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