Padel is the number one growing sport in the UK with the number of padel courts in the UK is set to increase by 5 times by 2023.Padel is a fun game and is accessible to many players with different levels of racquet sport experience. You can be a newbie to the sport or a seasoned tennis professional and you will still get the same level of enjoyment out of it regardless of your ability. The rules are simple and you can become familiar with them within an hour of playing the game. 

If, like us, you enjoy getting started with a new sport by joining a club, we’ve created a page giving you the ultimate guide to UK padel clubs. At, we know how important it is to find the right club to join because it gives you access to the right coaching, but will surround you with like-minded players. It also gives you access to a social circle of padel players and tournaments. 

10 Of The Best Padel Clubs In The UK

 You may be searching for the best padel club for you to join online, but aren’t getting the results you are looking for. To make life simpler, we’ve written an article that gives you some of the best padel clubs in the different regions of the UK (including Northern Ireland). We give you our top two clubs in each region and list the facilities that are offered by each club. The article also gives you a taste of what to expect from each club. Click the link above to find the padel club for you!

3 Of The Best Padel Clubs In London

 London is home to some of the greatest racquet clubs in the world, which includes the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) headquarters. If you live in London or are thinking about booking a holiday there, you should consider visiting or joining a padel club. The courts that these clubs offer in London are some of the best we have ever played on. 

 A lot of the clubs in London offer pay as you play, so you don’t need to be a member to play and you often have access to hiring equipment at these clubs, so no worries if you travel light or don’t have all the gear! If you don’t want to pay to be a member, some clubs have a free membership and others charge a relatively small price to be a member. These clubs have access to some of the best coaches and sports recovery facilities in the game.

5 Amazing Padel Tennis Retreats To Try Out This Summer  

If you have joined a UK padel club but want to get ahead of the competition, a padel tennis retreat will help you with this. We have several padel retreats in the UK, but the majority of retreats are in Europe, especially Spain as this is the birthplace of padel. These are great programmes as you can solely concentrate on improving your padel technique while getting hours of practice under your belt. You can concentrate on areas of your game that you want to improve and you will be taught by ex-professional padel players that know their stuff.

So, there you have it, our ultimate guide to UK padel clubs, all that’s left to do now is to head off to our favourite club and enjoy a game!


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