Three Sustainable Gifts For The Sports Lovers 

October 10, 2022

For all of us with sports lovers in our lives, we understand that it can be difficult to find a gift that not only supports their hobby, but also one that doesn’t break the bank. It is a definite bonus if that gift is also good for the environment. In this article, we will be listing our top 3 favourite sustainable gifts which all sports lovers are bound to love.  

1. Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes 

Talking about great gifts that won’t break the bank, may we introduce you too… Ecomoist Cleaning Wipes. With the colder weather approaching and more of us being prone to illness and flu, hygiene is an important aspect to remember when out and about. 

Particularly, in sports like padel. In this popular sport, some of us may borrow one another’s rackets or rent a racket from your local padel court. These cleaning wipes are perfect for ensuring you stay hygienic whilst you play, and are a good portable size to keep in your kit bag.  

The sustainable brand Ecomoist® specialises in green solutions and are a go-to when considering hygiene on any surface. With all products free of harsh chemicals and alcohol, their wipes are perfect for nearly any situation, whether that’s cleaning your phone screen after a game of padel or to clean off your racket for the next player. With 100 high-quality biodegradable wipes are a perfect gift for those seeking a more sustainable option and wanting a go-to for cleaning wipes that aren’t bad for the environment and that you can use on and off the padel court. 


2. Sustainable Golf Cleaner 

Driving for a better game and on a mission to eliminate plastic from golf brand The Bigger Ball is next on the list with their Sustainable Golf Cleaner. This golf cleaning solution is made from food waste, and was created to lift the dirt from the grooves of the golf club making for a fuss-free easy clean! Whilst this product is made with golf in mind, it can make for a suitable gift for any sports lovers, particularly those who enjoy a game of padel. Not only is it completely portable, being pocket-sized, but it’s also an ideal addition to any padel kit bag. 

Not to mention, with the possibility of a great game of golf on the cards, it’s an ideal opportunity to also check out The Bigger Ball’s Sustainable Golf Tees. Ditching the plastic and opting for bamboo isn’t just to allow for a more sustainable game because of bamboo’s capability to grow 1000 times faster than common hardwoods like oak without the use of harmful fertilizers. Due to the material being grass, it means bamboo is much more flexible and less likely to snap than its plastic golf tee opponent – you heard it here first!


3. Adaptogen-Fuelled Muscle Relief Balm 

We all know that sore joints are a given after a long day of playing padel, but as the weather turns colder, muscular cramps may become more likely if you don’t leave enough time for an effective warm-up. Therefore, to help with muscle relaxing and to help with achy joints after a long day of padel sustainable brand Tea & Tonic has you covered with their Muscle Tonic Relief Balm

With Tea & Tonic sourcing all British-grown active ingredients with sustainability in mind from quality to freshness to mileage. Their hand blended natural skincare solutions contain over 55% of ingredients directly sourced from British Farms fuelled alongside their adaptogen fuelled products. With their nutrient-charged fusions based around effective old folk remedies, their Muscle Relief Balm is perfect for alleviating sore, tired & achy muscles! 


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