About SURGE Padel Club

Surge Padel club is the largest Padel club currently in the UK. Read on for opening times, court booking information and reviews!

SURGE Padel Club Booking

We at Padelpadelpadel.com are always looking to big improvements in the UK for Padel and are proud to say Surge hits the spot! It is the UK’s new and largest club with 6 indoor courts for all year round play! Head here to find their class timetable and booking features as well as membership information!

SURGE Padel Club Reviews

    As of this moment we’ve found 9 reviews for Surge Padel with an average score of 4.4/5 – a great start! Take a look at 2 them below and Google for the rest!

    surge padel club reviews

    SURGE Padel Club Facilities

    Surge being a new club (in 2022) is full of facilities! Widely promoting it’s luxury changing rooms – which is a big plus from us and something many clubs simply don’t have. They also have free wifi which we’d expect, free parking – again which we would expect, a bar and Padel racket hire if you forget yours for a fee.

    SURGE Padel Club Other information and Address

    So big news! Surge have a world Padel tour exhibition in July 2022! You’ll have the chance to see the worlds best go at it in the cage!

    The LTA also has an event scheduled in August which is looking promising so far standard wise. So get hitting in advance!

    You can visit Surge by typing in Surge Padel, Hornbeam Park, Harrogate HG2 8QT into your phone before setting off!

    Surge Padel Membership

    Surge has a range of memberships but as of June 2022 does not have an unlimited play package which is a little disappointing. But there are gold and silver, as well as on peak and off peak packs available to purchase.  But check out the options here – although the payment page can be a little slow to load if you do decide to buy, so give it a little time! Happy hitting! Love The Padel Team x

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