Rye Padel Club

Rye Padel Club

Written by Olivia Scott

August 31, 2021

About Rye Club

Rye Padel Club is situated beside the River Rother, on the rural outskirts of Rye, East Sussex. Like many padel clubs, Rye Padel Club is located within the playing grounds of Rye Lawn Tennis Club, meaning more space and activities to do whilst on site.

The club is home to one padel court, which was built in the mid-nineties, making it one of the uk’s oldest padel courts, fitting in well with Rye, one of the oldest towns, with its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses.

The court has been constructed using concrete and is located outside, so you can take in the fresh air whilst enjoying your favourite game with friends and family.

Rye Padel Club has a friendly, community feel, and in the near future they’re looking to expand and develop new padel courts. If you’re a padel enthusiast, or looking to give it a go for the first time, Rye Padel Club is always welcoming of new members and guests. The surrounding town is brilliant for a post match artisan coffee, debrief from the game in the idyllic town of Rye. 


Rye Padel Club is located at 115 Military Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7NY.

This club is set in scenic grounds, next to large expanses of green fields, and adjacent to the Royal Military Canal. Rye Padel Club is just 0.5 miles from the town centre of Rye, where you’ll find plenty of independent cafes, restaurants and shops to relax after your padel game.

Padel Facilities

Suitable for both padel newbies and those more experienced, Rye Padel Club offers a pay & play option and a membership option, so commit whenever you’re ready, or pay as you play for as long as you like.

A yearly membership to the club will set you back £135 per adult, or £250 per couple. If you’re a member of Rye Lawn Tennis and Squash Club these membership fees are reduced to £70 per adult and £120 per couple.

Guests are very welcome at the club, so if you’re a member feel free to bring a family member or friend along for a game. A guest pass costs just £5, however in order to maintain the ‘club community’ feel, guests are limited to 4 visits per annum.

Ewan Hopkins has been the Padel Coach at Rye Padel Court since November 2019. Ewan offers 1 hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions for just £20, or if you’d prefer to attend a group coaching session, expect to pay £10 per person, with a maximum of 4 people per coaching group.

The club has shower facilities so you can refresh after a game. You’ll also find a welcoming bar and cafe on site so you can relax and enjoy a well deserved post-match drink with friends and family.


Rye Padel Club – Ewan Hopkins (Owner and padel coach)

Telephone: 07851 251500

Email: [email protected]


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