Padel is taking over the UK & Europe while Pickleball is a new favourite in the US. We’ve created 8 part comparison to help you decide which to take up! Is there a Padel bias? Maybe! But we’ve tried to be as fair as possible!  

1. Physicality  

Both sports make you fitter. So whichever you choose know you’re upping your fitness level! However the larger court and typically more intense points make Padel generally a little more demanding than it’s new rival. Your cardio output will be less and you’ll be able to compete from a fitness perspective a little easier in Pickleball.

2. Social Aspect

Both sports are growing rapidly in the UK and USA. Padel is always doubles and Pickleball can be played as a singles or doubles. Interestingly there is one singles Padel court in the UK. However both provide good opportunities to socialise however Padel with more purpose built courts and clubs probably provides an easier option to find and socialise with other players purely due to numbers.

3. The fun of the game (our Bias comes out!)

You need to play both Padel and Pickleball to help decide which you prefer best. We choose Padel! But seriously, If you want  a sport with aan easier learning curve want to take it a bit easier on your body, Pickleball could be for you. Buty for pure excitment and intensity, it’s Padel for us! 

4. Cost to Play

Padel rackets are generally more expensive and games need to be played on a specific Padel Court that is purpose built, unlike Pickleball where you can modify a tennis court to have a game.

































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