Win more Padel games by hitting a better Bendeja shot by learning exactly what it is, how to use it during games and also how to improve your technique when doing so! 

What is the Bandeja Technique in Padel?


Some facts!

  • The Padel Bandeja shot is a cross between a smash and a forehand
  • It is typically harder for Tennis players to master and you’ll need to move your point of contact forwards
  • It is far more defensive than a typical ‘smash’ and should be used as such
  • It can help you keep control of rallies by holding position at the net
  • The Bandeja is usually played to a corner or down the middle of the court
  • Get your Padel open and ready for impact at the right moment for a better shot!
  • Hit your Bandejas crosscourt to use angle where possible
  • If the lob is hit centrally, you can go down the middle or hit the shot towards your opponents feet ideally



How to play the Bandeja shot


To turn defence into attack:

The Bandeja is a shot which when played correctly into a corner can allow you to move to the net and take a more attacking position on the next shot. To set this up the key is a great shot beforehand which forces your opponents to hit a high semi lob allowing you to take advantage using the Bandeja to push opponents back and move into the net with your partner!

Defend an attacking position

If you need to hold the net but are not quite in the position (or your opponents have hit a shot that is too good) to simply smash, the Bandeja can give you a hold on the net and force your opponents to either give you a smash or go for broke on their next shot – importantly from the back of the court 

Put your opponent on the defensive:

If you’re trying to move forward to the net then the Bandeja is perfect for taking a high ball and pushing your opponents back, moving in behind your shot. Again, it is really important to keep the ball low and in the corners when making this not just a defensive smash but also an attacking forehand volley.  Master the double glass shots!

Is the Bandeja shot the same as a Vibora?

 In short, no! The Vibora shot is a bit more aggressive, and hit from the side – much like a slice serve where you brush round the ball to add heavier spin. It is a more attacking shot and while you may initially learn either The Bandeja or the Vibora, once you reach a good level you’ll want to be able to choose your risk level and hit either on the same types of shot

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