Padel Racket Reviews 2021/2022. Best Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Padel Rackets

Padel Racket Reviews 2021/2022. Best Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Padel Rackets

Wanting to start playing Padel or already a serious player? Read our guide below on the best Padel rackets based on reviews for beginner, intermediate and advanced players below!

Padel RackeT Reviews. Best beginner, intermediate and advanced rackets for players

Beginner padel racket review – Head Evo Sanyo

Often when starting out you might not want to spend £100+ on a racket. You’ll also want a racket light enough to get a speedy swing and a sweet spot big enough for any shots not landing in the center of your racket. The Evo Sanyo has a carbon frame for lightness and a sweet spot big enough to be a bit forgiving as you begin Padel. The carbon frame also has a more ‘real’ feel to it as opposed to softer rackets which should help you learn quickly when you mishit.

Intermediate padel racket review – Dunlop Aero-Star Team

Once you’ve played a little or you’re perhaps coming from another rackets background it may be worth moving onto a slightly more advanced racket. The Areo Star Team is just that, a top beginner end or lower intermediate force to be reckoned with. Made of Japanese Carbon and drilled with irregular holes to maximise attacking and defensive accuracy provides a solid companion for the court. For a slightly lighter racket and a little more advanced the Areo Light sits a little above in both quality and price range. Don’t be afraid to go to previous seasons models where possible to slightly reduce your cost.

Intermediate padel racket over £150 review – Tecnifibre Wall Breaker 375 DB

The Technifibre is pushing the limits of many intermediate needs but is the ideal crossover to advanced. It’s teardrop shape means that your sweetspot will change slightly, becoming higher up the racket, which in turn allows you to generate more power and manoeuvrability, ideal for competitive matches provided you get used to the new sweet spot location! 

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