Padel on Sky Sports TV!

Padel on Sky Sports TV!

Padel on Sky Sports TV!

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Written by Lauren Fortune

June 2, 2022
Padel winter

In case you missed it! We’re really pleased to see Padel featured on Sky Sports this weekend gone! Live coverage of the finals of the event at the Foro Italico in Rome – always on of the best locations to play in the world beamed onto home  audiences in the UK! We can’t wait to see more!

Padel on TV

We’ll ensure this page stays up to date with all live Padel TV upcoming on different channels. Almost 1 million Italians play Padel, over 5 million Spaniards play too! The UK is catching up but still somewhat behind … TV can only help us grow as a sport! We can’t wait! The 6000+ fans who filled the stadium know just how good it is to watch Padel live? Book your tickets to an event soon!

List of Padel Broadcasters

SKY sports hosting in the UK means that Padel now has an amazing list of broadcasters coming behind it. Examples like ESPN, Sky Germany, Cosmote and Sky Italia are already leading the way and now the UK is finally getting it’s Padel act together! Damm good timing if you ask us as the sun comes out and the Padel doubles commences even more with more courts available to play on.

With big events in Paris in July then Mexico later in the year, this is setting up as being on of the best seasons ever! We can’t wait to watch more of it!


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