Padel In The Middle East

This might come as a surprise to some, but padel has grown to be one of an absolute sensation in The Middle East. In the past years, padel started to increase in popularity all over the world, including in Europe, UK and now The Middle East too. Whilst you may link The Middle East with other sports like football, motor sports and tennis, padel has made a big introduction and is now an absolute hype, especially in Dubai and Egypt!

Popularity Of Padel In The Middle East

In a survey published by PwC Middle East it clearly shows that The Middle East is one of the biggest potential markets for padel courts and padel equipment. In fact, in some regions it’s more difficult to get a booking in a padel court than a popular restaurant. Even later at night, the padel courts are still filled with people playing a fun game of padel with their friends or workout buddies. With the popularity of padel increasing in The Middle East, so are the number of padel courts popping up everywhere. 


Best Padel Courts In The Middle East

Finding a padel court nearby which matches your vibe is important to make your experience as good as possible. Playing padel in a crowded court where you only get 30 mins before the next group arrives probably isn’t ideal. Scout the best padel courts in The Middle East before you commit to a location. We’ve listed a couple of our favourites here.


1. Just Padel in Dubai

One of the biggest padel courts in Dubai is Just Padel, where you’ll find plenty of courts. Make sure you book a padel court beforehand, as it’s a popular location. Keep an eye out on the events calendar for any padel tournaments taking place at this location.


2. Padel Point in Dubai

Another popular padel court in Dubai is Padel Point, which is great if you’re looking for an indoor court. In fact, it was the first-ever indoor padel court in Dubai, where you can also get coaching sessions booked in if you’re a beginner. They also organise padel tournaments in Dubai if you fancy competing against others!


3. Go!Padel in Egypt

If you’re looking for a place to play padel in Egypt, we highly recommend Go!Padel. These panoramic padel courts are great for a fun and competitive game of padel with your friends or against other professionals. Again, make sure to book your slot!


4. SRPadel Lake House in Egypt

For those looking for an amazing padel court in Egypt, SRPadel Lake House is one to check out. They also offer a padel academy in Cairo for padel beginners – so if you’re just starting out, this is the place to go!


Famous Padel Players From The Middle East

As padel is still relatively new in The Middle East, the world rankings are still filled with players from Italy and Spain, but there are now a couple of players from The Middle East who have entered the top 500. A good start! 

Sheikh Hamdan, crown prince of Dubai, has had a big impact on the growing popularity of padel in The Middle East. The crown prince owns many padel courts in Dubai and shared word about the sport when he first got introduced to it in 2013.

Padel Tournaments In The Middle East

For players looking to compete in a tournament, there are some great padel tournaments in The Middle East that you can be part of. Padel Qatar hosts padel tournaments and hosted a big one at the end of 2021. Whilst they haven’t announced a date for 2022 yet, it’s definitely a tournament to keep your eye out for! 

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