The enthusiasm for padel in Qatar has exceeded all standards for developing padel as a fast-growing sport. It will host the World Championship for the second time in 2022. With great investments in infrastructure, logistics and sports development, Qatar is the current paradise for padel. It will receive players and federations from 38 countries in November. 


The Growth Of Padel In Qatar

Qatar is a padel paradise. This Middle Eastern peninsula starts rising in the padel world, hosting the World Padel Championship in its capital city, Doha, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. 

Doha has attractive facilities that resemble the futuristic architecture that characterises the city, using top-notch technology and design. Qatar is a nation keen to deliver the best possible sports events despite all challenges and is taking all the steps possible to promote the sport in the region while bringing international coaches to train youngsters and growing the base of players. 


Padel Players in Qatar

Mohammed Saadon Al Kuwari is the highest rated Qatari player in the WPT ratings, who is ranked 158th in the world with 100 points. He is also responsible for co-founding Padel In. Mohammed is also a former professional tennis player, a presenter for beIN Sports, and a recognised representative of the organisation that will host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. Approximately 10 Qatari athletes are currently ranked internationally. This is advantageous for the country and companies involved in padel as it only adds to the country’s padel credentials.

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Padel Tournaments In Qatar:


Qatar Ooredoo World Padel Championship

The Qatar Ooredoo World Padel Championship – organised by Padel Flip, is a biannual tournament that recently took place in Qatar. The competition, which closes on November 20 on Saturday, has more than 320 players from 16 different countries. Ooredoo, the title sponsor, and TotalEnergies, the gold sponsor, generously support the competition. The biennial competition, which was started in 1992 for both male and female players, has typically been held in Europe and the Americas. To date, Argentina has been the most successful country, winning 12 medals for the women’s team and a total of 13 medals for the men’s team (8 gold and 4 silver).


Qatar Major 2022

Other tournaments in the area include the Qatar Major 2022 which took place over the padel season, and the main tournament offers a record $575,000 in prizes. Elsewhere, Doha previously hosted the World Padel Championship back in November 2021 and the first official Padel Tour kicked off in Doha in 2022. 


World Padel Championship in Qatar

Padel arrived in Qatar through European influence from Spain, one of the strongest competitors in the sport. The increase of padel’s popularity, the building of padel courts outside private clubs in the 2000s, and the separation from elite circles have promoted the sport’s growth all over the world. Teams are getting stronger, and the level of competency is rising rapidly.


World Padel Championship 2021

The World Padel Championship XV version was played in Doha, Qatar, in 2021. This tournament takes place every two years, and it was meant to be played in 2020, but due to Covid-19 biosafety restrictions, it was postponed one year. 

It was the first one hosted in Asia and has been recognised by players and federations as the best-organised competition. Not only because of the management of the games and the press coverage (which helped increase the sport’s popularity) but because of the safety measures for Covid restrictions. 


World Padel Championship 2022

The undisputed success with the public in terms of presentation and organisation placed Doha as the strongest contender to host the next tournament in 2022. Since Doha was appointed as the host city in 2020, the International Federation has been working on organising a first-class event worthy of bringing together teams from all over the world. 

The XVI World Padel Championship will be held from October 31 to November 2, 2022. 

A total of 38 countries sent their request to participate in the next World Padel Championship, setting a new record and evidencing the undeniable growth of the sport. The pre-registered countries qualified for the final phase fare:


Hotels With Padel Courts In Qatar:

If you’re looking to play padel while in Qatar, then there are some wonderful hotel courts available. The padel courts at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel are revered among Doha’s padel enthusiasts. The setting makes the experience cost- and time-effective. In close proximity to Al Dafna Park, there are well-kept outdoor padel courts.

Al Messila, Doha’s own urban paradise, is well-known for its vast spa services as of November 2021, but it is also home to three padel courts. The courts, which are outside, may be rented for QR200 per hour, and if this is your first time using a padel racquet, you can also purchase equipment.

The Kempinski is another luxury hotel that has top-notch padel facilities, with two padel courts available to be booked by guests and padel players. As with most padel courts that take bookings, you can also rent padel balls and rackets at the reception, which is handy if you forget all your gear. 

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