Padel in Brighton

November 18, 2021

The newest edition to upcoming sports is bringing itself to Brighton and Hove. Padel is making its debut here at Withdean’s Freedom Leisure and as of the 22nd of November, you can join the thousands already joining in on the fun. 

Famous for its low impact and sociability, Padel is one of the fastest-growing ball and racket sports to enter the UK, with millions of loyal players already across the globe it’s no wonder we’re getting to experience it too. Now is the perfect time to start, with the grand opening of Brighton’s first padel court it’s a great time to visit and start something new.

Bringing us the sport are Game4Padel, and they are excited to launch this experience to the people of Brighton and Hove this November in the hopes more people are able to come and experience the joys around padel. 


So who are the people behind Padel’s debut here in Brighton? Game4Padel are driven to provide the best venues for all Padel addicts and newbies across the country. Created through a cafe meet in Scotland’s Edinburgh, Game4Padel seek the transformation of tennis courts for the use of Padel in all its entirety. 

A brilliant way to rejuvenate and bring innovation into the world of sport by repurposing our tennis courts for something new and exciting. 

What is Padel?  

Before you get into the swing of things, it is important to know the basics of this newfound sport. Linked to similar sports of tennis and squash it uses similar aspects of low physical activity and aims to score much like a tennis match. An added bonus of padel is that it is played with an underarm serve as opposed to an overhead serve meaning the ball travels lower velocity all in all requiring much less physical strain that may occur in other sports. 

An advocate for inclusivity, players of a wide range in mobility are able to join in on the fun making a great sport for families. Played with 4 members and only using a third of the space required for tennis means more people than ever can get in on the action. 

When and Where To Play Padel 

As per the above, you are going to be able to, as from the 22nd of November use the facilities at Freedom Leisure in Withdean with their partnership with Game4Padel you can book online and play padel whenever suits you. Working with both Freedom Withdean and other Freedom Leisure venues across the city, they plan on collaborating in order to make Padel more accessible across Brighton and Hove. If you are interested in booking your slot, you can do so for free for the two weeks following the 22nd of November. 

Padel is all about having fun and enjoying the sport you’re playing so why not join the numbers and try your hand at padel. Winter chill putting you off? We’ve got you covered, why not check out our blog about sporting Padel in the winter to give you all the tips to enjoy playing padel this winter season.

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