When thinking of sports in Bahrain, you probably think about Formula 1, football and maybe even cricket. But did you know that padel is growing a lot in popularity too? Whilst padel was already around in Mexico in the 1960s, it has only recently become more popular in other parts of the world. Spanish and Italian players dominate the world rankings in padel, but who knows… padel players from Bahrain might be next!


Is Padel Popular In Bahrain?

Most of us probably hadn’t heard of padel five years ago but in the past few years, it has suddenly become a massive trend! And we’re glad it is, because padel is one of the most fun and social sports out there. As it can be played in teams of two against two, it’s a great way to get a workout in with your friends. 

All over Bahrain, we’ve seen new padel courts popping up, which makes the sport more accessible for those who are looking to play. Before you go, make sure you book a padel court as a lot of locations are very popular and busy! We’re sure we’ll see the popularity of padel in Bahrain grow even further in the next years to come. 


Best Padel Courts In Bahrain

Whether you’re a padel beginner, or you’ve already played a few games, there is a suitable padel court in Bahrain for everyone. And we have to be honest, Bahrain might offer some of the most extraordinary padel court locations!


1. Sky Padel

We’re setting the bar high – literally – with this first padel court in Bahrain. Sky Padel is the first rooftop padel court to be found in Bahrain, which makes a game of padel even more fun, looking over the city. Assemble your friends, book a court and enjoy the beautiful views from the rooftop of Sky Padel. If we may give you a suggestion, book a slot during sunset, that will give you the most spectacular workout views!


2.  Padel Mania

Located in Muharraq, this indoor padel court is perfect for those who are looking for a late night padel game. Padel Mania in Bahrain is open until 12 AM, so getting your workout in just before bed is no longer an issue. 


3. Padel Bahrain

We simply cannot make a list of padel courts without mentioning the first ever padel court in Bahrain. This court has been around the longest and has built up a padel community where like minded people can get together to play the sport. Padel Bahrain offers multiple padel courts, but don’t forget to book beforehand!


4. Let’s Padel

For a premium padel experience, Let’s Padel is your place to be. This padel court in Dubai offers high quality padel equipment, as well as a friendly environment to get to know people to play padel with. They also recently had a padel tournament in July 2022 where everybody was welcome to participate. Definitely a location worth checking out!


Hotels With Padel Courts In Bahrain

Why don’t you add a bit of luxury to your stay in Bahrain? Many hotels also offer a padel court at the venue, so you can get in a sneaky game of padel before doing some sightseeing in Bahrain. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bahrain offers a padel court at their location, as well as the Hilton Kuwait Resort in Bahrain.


Padel Tournaments In Bahrain

Earlier this year, Let’s Padel organised a fun padel tournament in Bahrain, where padel beginners and more experienced players came together and competed against each other. Of course, the padel players were matched in competition by their skill level. 

For future tournaments, definitely check out the event calendars of the biggest padel clubs in Bahrain. We’ve already spotted a fun padel tournament that is happening at the end of August 2022, so make sure to check it out! 

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