Padel Courts Near Me – The Complete Guide

December 21, 2021

With padel rising in popularity, , it’s no surprise that courts have been popping up all over the UK. Taking the sports sphere by storm, padel is growing across the United Kingdom with both specialized courts and multi-purpose sports facilities making room for padel and its club members.

We want to make sure that all the thousands of padel enthusiasts up and down the country can find a place to play and with our extensive guide to the many courts, you are sure to find a court near you. All the locations that are listed are ready and waiting to accommodate all your padel needs so that you can enjoy the sport and more importantly, have a good time doing so. 

Padel Courts in London

Our capital is home to an enormous number of sports complexes that offer a range of activities. With padel being fairly new to the UK there is still plenty to choose from in a variety of spots around the London area. 

To start with, we have Will to Win Regents Park decked with a spacious outdoor court and sand-based astro turf.  With it being located in Regents park, this location is bound to be extremely popular due it’s being easily accessible by most London-based transport.   

Up next is the outstanding, well-known Chelsea Harbour Club.Located in Hammersmith, with an amazing four courts available the Chelsea Harbour Club truly is welcomeing all padel players. Equipped with sand-based astro turf and indoor courts you can now play rain or shine. 

Lastly, In the London area, we have the David Lloyd Bushey club, again, fitted with sand-based astro turf and a range of spacious indoor courts, thistop of the range facility is perfect if you are a novice or expert of the sport. . 

Padel Courts in The Midlands   

While many locations cover the Midlands, we are here to give you the rundown of the best spots to get your padel fix. 

Following that, we have Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre which feature outdoor padel courts as well as mini-league and teams with the club. With the additional offer of coaching for the sport, it is becoming a popular destination. 

If you’re based in Sutton Coldfield , there is als The Streetly Academy  which accommodates two outdoor sand-based astro turf courts as well as hosts to the country’s first and only school-based padel facility. 

Padel Courts in The North

If you are planning a trip to the Midlands soon, then may we also suggest you check out the Middlesbrough Padel Club Ideal for those looking to enjoy padel in and around the area, this location is home to two covered indoor courts and pay and play options available. With it being newly renovated this is truly an excellent place to play.

Firstly, we have Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club with their reasonably priced hire costs and fully decked outdoor court. It’s a good place for those in the area who are looking to try out this popular sport and are not sure where to start.  

Padel Courts in The South 

The south has many locations available for padel players, so we have compiled some of our favourite picks for those who are interested in playing the sport and are local to Southern England. 

Up first, we have the Rye Padel Club, specially made for padel players. This club offers coaching, memberships and is facilitated with one outdoor court made from concrete. 

Next, we have The Triangle, located in Burgess Hill East Sussex. Not only can you play padel but you are also able to enjoy their many other sports facilities like their swimming pool, ideal for fun for the entire family!

Our last location is Chichester Racquets and Fitness Club, offering two outdoor grass courts and chances to be included in padel club championships; it’s a firm favourite among the padel community. 

Padel courts in Scotland 

There are plenty of places for those living in the Scotland area, one of which is Hatton Sports Club with one outdoor grass court and an added bonus of free padel equipment available. 

Edinburgh Sports Club is known as the  “The Home of Scottish Padel” and located in the grand city of Edinburgh. Outdoor courts available this is a great place for those local to the area to get involved. 

Wherever you are in the UK, there will be a court ready and waiting for you! Padel is great for those looking to have fun in a new sport and be sure to get your friends and family involved too!

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