Padel Courts In The Middle East

Padel is a relatively new sport that popped up a few years ago and has increased in popularity rapidly. With lots of padel courts in the UK and around Europe, it was only a wait of time before The Middle East started picking up on the popular sport. Nowadays, there are a lot of padel courts in The Middle East where you can play a game of padel and most of the time, enjoy an incredible view at the same time too. For inspiration on where to play padel in The Middle East, whether you live there or are just visiting, find our favourite padel courts below.

paddle court in the middle east

List of Padel Courts In The Middle East:

Dubai Padel Court: Padel Point

Based in Dubai, this padel court is perfect for those looking for an indoor-padel court. Dubai can get quite hot, especially in the summer months, so it’s nice to have air conditioning while you’re playing an intensive game of padel. They also organise padel tournaments in The Middle East which is great if you’re looking to compete. 

Padel In Saudi Arabia: Padel Rush

Whether you’re based in Saudi Arabia or you’re visiting, a game of padel cannot be missing. Our favourite padel court in Saudi Arabia is Padel Rush, which offers both indoor and outdoor courts so you get to choose what you prefer. You can improve your skills at this padel court in Saudi Arabia or even get lessons if you’re just starting out. 

Hotels With Padel Courts In Turkey

If you thought the hype of padel had missed Turkey, you’re very wrong. In Turkey, padel courts can be found everywhere but there are also a couple of hotels with padel courts now. Alibey Hotels & Resorts offer padel courts at their locations, which means you get to play a fun game of padel whilst staying in one of their wonderful, luxurious hotels. If that isn’t a win-win, we’re not sure what is.

Pro Padel In Egypt

Yes, Egypt is another country in The Middle East where padel has become crazy popular. All of a sudden, every Egyptian is playing padel and the padel courts keep popping up. One of our favourite courts in Egypt is Pro Padel. This padel court based in Maadi offers private padel lessons for beginners, but also offers a community for padel players who have more experience. It’s a wonderful location to play a game of padel, but also socialise with like-minded people and get to know each other. A sociable padel court where everybody shares the same love for padel!

Padel Court Suppliers In The Middle East

Are you thinking about setting up your own padel court? Now is the right time, with the interest in the sport increasing so quickly. We have listed a couple of padel court suppliers in The Middle East below.

Red Line Padel

This Spanish padel court manufacturer in The Middle East offers exclusive padel courts of the highest quality. Setting up your own padel club requires a lot of preparation but with Red Line Padel, life will get a lot easier and this padel court supplier will set up the courts for you! 

Maximus Sports

Another padel court supplier in The Middle East is Maximum Sports, offering options for both indoor and outdoor padel courts. Compare the two suppliers and consider what criteria you find most important. 

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