Although padel was created and played primarily in Spain in its early years, the sport has been making waves in Qatar where there are now plenty of padel courts and places to play. Although the main sport of interest in the nation is football, there are an estimated 5000 padel players who regularly play the sport in the country, and there are three major padel companies based in Qatar. Lovers of padel may be aware that it’s not always easy to get space on a court when compared to tennis, due to either a lack of nearby courts or due to them being fully booked up.

Luckily, the popularity of the sport in Qatar means that there are excellent padel facilities in its main cities of Doha, Dukhan, Al Khor and Al Wakrah. Although, due to Doha’s relative size, you’re most likely to be able to find a padel court there. If you’re keen on a padel game and you’re living in Qatar, or if you’re just visiting, use this guide to help you locate the best padel courts in the area and you’ll be rallying in no time. 

padel court in qatar

List Of Padel Courts In Qatar:

Padel IN

A large portion of Padel’s increase in popularity in the Middle East can be attributed to Padel IN. Currently, they have opened four clubs in Qatar, one in Kuwait, and one in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. Padel IN established the Padel IN academy, which offers qualified coaching sessions together with targeted programmes for children and adults throughout the Padel IN network. If you want a coaching session, make sure you book well in advance as slots tend to fill up quickly. 

Their courts are dotted all around the country. Their largest centre, Padel IN Aspire, has a total of 10 courts inside and is located just outside the city centre of Doha.

If you want somewhere closer to the city, you can visit their Padel In City Center, which has 3 courts and can be found in the central shopping mall on Conference street.

If you’re closer to Alkhor, you can find a club there too with 3 courts situated in the Inside Al Khor Sports Club.

Finally, the last padel club in Qatar that is owned by Padel IN is their Sealine Club, located on Beach Road.

There are also courts for women in Padel IN’s City Centre club and the Padel IN Aspire club. 


Padel Up 

Jmall is host to a fantastic and well-maintained court located on the rooftop area of the mall. After recently undergoing renovations to their courts, the facilities are now in top-notch condition. On Wednesdays, Padel Up also hosts a ladies’ day for female padel enthusiasts. The court is located at Jmall, and you can book here.


Let’s Padel

Let’s Padel began in 2017, and it now has one of Qatar’s top Padel Courts. They provide top-notch padel courts that are very reasonably priced. The Let’s Padel team looks out for the courts’ cleanliness and offers its clients a place to store their padel equipment in comfort and privacy. Players can feel comfortable when rallying thanks to the Spanish Padel Court Design, which adheres to the WPT standard of 12mm turf thickness. You can find the court at the Al Arabi Sports Club


Other Padel Courts In Qatar

The Super Active Padel court is one of the best courts in the country with top facilities and court bookings from 60-90 minutes available. You can find it at the Al-Markhiya Sports Club

You can also rent a court at Padel Pro Qatar. The perfect location to learn the sport and fall in love with it, as many others have before. You may also hire a Padel racquet from them for QR 30 at Al Wakrah Sports Club. 

If you want to play padel outdoors, you may want to check out Doha Oasis padel courts. Doha Oasis just unveiled three sizable, well-appointed outdoor padel courts. Doha Oasis provides locals and members of the general public from outside of Doha with access to three two-player courts where they may enjoy a fantastic game of padel.

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