With the global popularity surrounding padel growing bigger and bigger every year, we have seen the popularity of padel in Dubai increase too. Over recent years, more padel courts have been opened in Dubai and the sport is starting to become increasingly popular all over the United Arab Emirates. For those who are new to padel, or haven’t found a good padel court yet, we have listed some tips for playing padel in Dubai.

Padel In The UAE

Whilst motor sports and football are two of the most beloved sports in Dubai and the UAE, tennis is also seen as a big event in itself. As padel is a racket sport as well and can be seen as a mix of tennis and squash – it’s the perfect sport to pick up on!

If you’re completely new to padel, you might not know that you play padel in two teams of two. That makes padel a perfect sport to play with a bunch of friends – it’s a very social game! To prepare for your first-ever padel game, we recommend looking into how to play padel to be fully prepared. Padel has different rules to tennis or squash, so have a look at our beginners guide to padel for the most important rules and some tips on how to start playing padel.

For more information on padel techniques, you can also consult our informational hub at PadelPadelPadel.


Where To Play Padel In Dubai 

So bring your friends together, put your sports clothing on and find a padel court near you. In Dubai, there are a few great options for padel courts where you can enjoy a fun game of padel with your friends. You’ll find our favourites below.


1. Central Padel Dubai

This padel court only opened their doors at the beginning of March this year, which means it’s brand new and is fully adapted to the newest rules and trends. Central Padel Dubai has seven courts available for players, so if you’re looking for a great place to play a game of padel with your family or friends.


2. Just Padel

The largest padel facility is Just Padel, with 34 padel courts all over the city. Some padel courts can be found at schools but generally speaking, all of these courts can be booked if you fancy a game of padel. It’s one of the most popular padel facilities in Dubai, so definitely make sure you book in a time slot in advance!


3. Padel Point

For an indoor padel court which also offers padel equipment, you’ll have to check out Padel Point. This padel court is located quite centrally in Dubai which makes it easily accessible if you live in the city. Make sure to book your slot before you go, as it can get quite busy.


4. Padel Pro UAE

Another padel court located in Dubai is Padel Pro UAE. They offer premium courts that can be easily booked through their website. They also offer private or semi-private padel coaching sessions, where you can have fun with like-minded people and get a good workout in at the same time. 


Padel Tournaments in Dubai 

If you’re ready to take your padel skills to the next level, padel tournaments can be a great way to test your skills and compete against other padel players. Dubai offers some great padel tournaments and if you’re looking to compete in 2022, the Dubai Padel Club in November might be right up your alley! It’s one of the biggest padel tournaments in Dubai which makes it the perfect challenge for padel lovers.

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