Padel has a range of accessories you can use to help improve your game and your health. A good (or bad) grip can make all the difference between feeling comfortable hitting your forehand or avoiding blisters during games. So make sure you adjust as needed and have a personalised set of extras which suit you and your game. We’ll be updating with more reviews soon!

Padel Grips and Overgrips

Padel grips and overgrips as said, can win or lose you your game, as well as the ability to play again the next day! You can get them from a range of brands including Adidas, BullPadel, Nox and more. The key to a good grip, like tennis, is having something that you feel comfortable with. Too small and you’ll lose power on your shots, too large and the same will happen. Often if you’ve got used to playing with a certain thickness this can be tough to part from, but ensure you try a range at the Padel pro shop before choosing your size racket, and then grip.

For kids and teenagers, regular grip sizing checks need to be made to ensure you move up as height and size also increase. Again do this at your local club to ensure you don’t make a mistake when gripping your racket, or even buying a racket too large or too small! 

Padel Racket Protectors

Padel is an aggressive game, and played partly in a cage and toughened glass. So it makes sense that when your racket hits the side, it’s going to be impactful on your racket. Rackets are also not cheap so if you can protect them at a good price – you may decide to do so.

Will it stop you cracking a racket? Maybe, but also don’t rely on it. But it will definitely assist against scratches in the most common place and for around £6-8 are well worth considering just in case it saves you a broken racket!

Padel Wristbands and Bandanas

You’ll be working hard on the court – make sure sweat doesn’t affect your game by donning a wristband or sweatband/bandana for the match. On hot days this can make the difference between winning and losing certain points, so ensure you’re always equiped with something

Padel Towels

Inbetween games and sets make sure you don a towel. I ALWAYS forget this and regret it every time! Towel down, less slipping, play better. Simple!

Other accessories include water bottles, laces and more protectors!. Have we missed a shot? Tell us below and we’ll add it to the reviews and the Padel Pro Shop!



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