Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. This means manufacturers are producing more and more equipment, whilst competing to make the best padel kit. But this can make it difficult for the consumer to know what to look for when it comes to buying padel shoes and equipment. 

On this page we will focus on Nike padel shoes. Whether you’re a beginner, pro, or anywhere in between, we will give advice on the top choices in this case from Nike to get you set up in best shape for your next game! 


What To Look For When Buying Padel Shoes

As Padel becomes a better-understood sport, manufacturers have worked out what it takes to make the best performing shoes. Padel requires vertical movement and sudden, swift rotations. For this reason, the soles for padel shoes are stiffer to allow rotation and the uppers are softer to allow flexibility. Another thing to consider is the grip, too much and mobility may be impaired as increase of risk injury but too little and rapid response will decrease and you’ll be more prone to slipping on the court.    

Some Padel Shoes are lower and lighter, with less support for the ankle. This can help with speed and agility, however the heavier player should consider the importance of a balance on agility to stability as a shoe with too little stability could lead to risk of injury. 

Nike are known for their quality and top class sports players, but did you know that they also make shoes suitable for padel tennis? From beginner to pro, the NikeCourt range has a wide variety of options for all shoe sizes and playing types. 

Beginner: When learning how to play padel and getting familiar with the rules of padel, some people may wish not to invest in top of the range equipment. However that doesn’t mean you won’t be short of long lasting good looking options from the Nike shoe range. 

nike padel shoes on padel court

See Below Our List Of The Best Nike Padel Shoes Available: 



NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3

At first glance they may look traditional, but the NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3 have a springy Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a grippy outsole with an incredibly comfortable padded collar. At just £54.95 it delivers the performance you need to play at your best without breaking the bank.

Pro: Long time padel players may be striving for those marginal gains. This of course means more money, but can you put a price on padel performance?


NikeCourt Zoom NXT: Middle Ground Padel Players

Nike’s flagship court shoe, the NikeCourt Zoom NXT, brings insights from their top athletes. Extra bounce, extra spring, removing as much weight as possible without compromising durability and performance. Not only does this make the shoes extremely comfortable but it also allows you to focus on playing your best match. These shoes come in at £134.95.

The Middle Ground: Not a beginner… but don’t need the light weight expense of the pro shoes. Nike have the middle ground covered too for the better player who might just play for fun or prefer to spend more elsewhere?


NikeCourt Zoom Pro For Unique Padel Players

At £89.95, the NikeCourt Zoom Pro shoes fit perfectly between the other options yet still allow you to harness the power of your serve with the Air Zoom unit in the forefoot and full length plate that acts like a springboard. Flexing with each step, helping to enhance energy return and increase stability. Still breathable, still lightweight and still durable. 

Something Different: Want to stand out from the crowd at a local padel court near you? Well, Nike also has a bold range of colours and designs to give you confidence on the court. Maybe this version of the NikeCourt Air Zoom is for you?


If you are still unsure as to what the best padel shoes are for you, feel free check out the best padel shoes here.

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