Padel Courts and Clubs Manchester

Manchester is one of the fastest growing regions for Padel in the UK. Here is the complete guide to Padel Courts and Clubs in Manchester. Thankfully, the list is growing!

Location Court and Club List

  1. The Padel Club in Wilmslow has 4 new courts and is the ideal play to get social and play Padel in 2023!
  2. A little further out we have the Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club which is now also a Padel Club!
  3. The Northern is one of the best tennis and squash facilities in Manchester but we are really excited they’ve submitted planning for two Padel Courts! This is typically how Padel has grown in the UK, inside Tennis and Squash clubs, but we are now seeing clubs like The Padel Club focus only on Padel
  4. Grappenhall Village LTC is another ideal place to play Padel near Manchester
  5. Middlesbrough Padel Club has all the modern amenities of a great community  club including showers, access to a clubhouse with a bar and changing rooms. There are also opportunities to try a new sport at Middlesbrough Tennis World including indoor and outdoor tennis.


Best Padel Courts and Clubs in Manchester

The good news is Padel is growing and with The Northern looking to expand to introduce 2 new courts, Manchester’s Padel Court availability is likely to double in 2023. Not to mention the fact that courts are continually booked up. We were quoted ‘we built two courts and we already feel like we need at least 2 more, it’s proving as popular as tennis’ by one club manager so are feeling very hopeful for a full expansion of clubs in the coming year!

But The Padel Club in Manchester (the first in Greater Manchester) we’re also very excited about. The 4 courts, canopy covered means Padel all year round rain or shine, winter or summer. Meaning 2023 can really be the year you get very good at Padel, able to play during all months and not at the mercy of the British weather!

Exciting! We will continue to update every time Manchester gets a new Padel court or club approved to make sure we can all benefit and support the game as it grows! Have we missed a Padel Court announcement? Let us know! We’re also looking for a Padel ambassador in Manchester for 2023, so if that’s you, get in touch and let us know! You’ll need to be a good Padel player and active on social media!


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