Lionel Messi’s Garden Padel Court

August 18, 2021

Just when you thought Padel was new to the UK, Lionel Messi takes to his very own Padel court to show us all that it’s the next big sport we should all be trying this summer in the UK.

There are currently 107 padel courts across 52 padel clubs available for the general public to use across the UK. However professional football players such as Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerad Pique are all avid padel players with many having private courts at their lavish homes.

Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s best football player is known to be a big padel supporter, alongside the 2 million other players in his native country of Argentina. 

As of November 2020 there were a total of 6,000 active padel players in the UK, the number of padel courts is set to triple by 2023, so expect to hear a lot more about padel in your social circle, it’s just getting started.

You might not have a private padel court at home to enjoy like Messi, but we can certainly recommend you some of the top rated padel clubs in the UK so you can join the growing number of players.

The Small & Friendly Padel Club

Weybridge Padel Club is almost certainly one of the most intimate padel clubs in the UK, with just 1 court this club was developed and brought to life by Debbie and David Garrett; a couple who found a love for padel in Spain and decided to bring their favourite sport over to the UK for locals to enjoy.

Both David and Debbie still play padel at the club regularly, so you might just see them down there. The court is built with toughened glass walls, and an artificial grass court base, a court this good at just a stone’s throw away from Weybridge city centre is one not to be missed by those living in and around Surrey.

The friendly atmosphere extends to padel newbies and regulars, with padel rackets on hand to borrow free of charge. As an added bonus all members receive 15% off the local padel equipment shop too, so simply bring along your teammates and enjoy the sport. 

A year long membership for Weybridge Padel Club costs £60, with court fees of £28 for 1.5 hours use (£7 per person). 

The Family Focused Padel Club

Esher Tennis & Padel Club is a family favourite, it’s upbeat atmosphere and friendly club house makes it a firm winner for families looking for a padel club to entertain all, from the children to the grandparents.

The club invested in 2 high end padel courts, which have been open since 1st May 2021. You’ll need a membership to play, however rackets and balls are provided by the club, so newbies wanting to explore padel can give it a go with ease, and little investment. Alongside this, the club is home to 9 tennis courts, a cafe and bar, kitchen, TV facilities and table-tennis – so if the children don’t wish to play padel there is always something to keep them occupied nearby whilst you do.

With the cafe and bar open Tuesday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays you can experience the welcoming environment and mingle with like minded padel lovers, newbies and long time players.

The membership fee is £240, and this fee will entitle you to 11 months membership, with no court fees.

The Luxury Padel Club

What the David Lloyd Leisure Club in Chigwell lacks in a padel community feel, it makes up for in luxury. David Lloyd Leisure was first to bring padel to the UK, investing in the 6 very first padel clubs to be built here back in 2013.

Since then their Chigwell Club has been the most popular with padel players. The club hosts 2 luxurious padel courts, and alongside this a padel coaching team which is led by the UK’s number 2 padel player, Tom Murray; so whether you’re new to the sport or experienced, there’s a space for you to feel at home playing at David Lloyd Leisure Chigwell.

Once you’re finished playing your game or 2 you can relax in the club’s dining area, enjoy a coffee and healthy meal with your teammates and debrief on the game. If a post-match spa treatment is more your thing they facilitate for this too. 

You don’t have to be a member to play padel at the David Lloyd Leisure Club Chigwell, you can pay a one off fee which will grant you access to the court for a limited time. If you’re local to the area and wish to become a member expect to pay between £70 to £100 per month, the price is dependent on the level of membership – however racket hire is often included in these fees.

So you might not have a private court like Lionel Messi, but there are some great padel clubs out there to explore. The list doesn’t stop at these 3 clubs, there are 52 padel clubs in the UK, each with their own unique features, so get out there and try them for yourself – padel is only becoming more popular as time goes on!

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