Is Padel Easier Than Tennis?

Is Padel Easier Than Tennis?

Is Padel Easier Than Tennis?

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Written by Olivia Scott

June 22, 2021

 Padel is an exciting new game that has taken over the British racquet court scene. It’s a very simple game to pick up and is enjoyed all over the globe. Padel is a dynamic game and it’s an awesome game to play with friends. It can even be used as a great team-building exercise, as it involves a lot of teamwork and communication. Therefore, you might expect to see the game at your next corporate event. The rules of padel are easy to get a grip with and players usually only spend an hour or so getting into the rhythm of the game. A lot of people transition from tennis to padel because it is seen as less demanding. Even though Padel can be perceived as easier than tennis, the intensity of the game we think, is far greater. In this article, we will be looking to see if padel is easier than tennis.

Is Tennis More Physical Than Padel?

 Tennis is seen as a physically challenging sport as men can reach serve speeds up to 184.1 km/hr and for women, up to 150.4 km/hr. In padel, courts are often smaller so these speeds can’t be achieved and padel racquets aren’t designed for heavy serves, unlike the advanced technology used in tennis racquets. Rallies in tennis can require a lot of physical strength because of the distances that a tennis ball can travel. Tennis may require more strength than padel, but padel is a lot faster than tennis. So the skill set needed is different but equally as demanding. A rally in padel can last up to 40 minutes in a game, compared to tennis which a rally lasts on average for about 10 minutes. So padel players have to be prepared for the physical endurance of a long rally.

 As shots can be played off the walls in padel, players must have great fitness to sprint around the court to reach the difficult shots that can be played in padel. So the game requires players to have a good level of overall fitness, which makes padel just as physically demanding as tennis.  

Padel Is Often Played In Pairs

 Because of the intensity of padel games, players often play in pairs which makes it ideal for beginners who haven’t played the sport before. Tennis is more regularly played in singles. However, what we have to understand is that tennis is more one dimensional than padel and it’s easier to predict where a tennis ball is going to land. In padel, you have to factor in a margin of unpredictability because your opponents may play awkward balls against one of your back walls. Padel courts are often smaller than tennis courts, so there is less room to play especially when you are playing in doubles. This will require players to have to think about strategy more than they would have in Tennis.

PadelPadelPadel’s Verdict

 We at PadelPadelPadel believe that the popular opinion that padel is easier than tennis is less straightforward as both of the sports have their advantages and disadvantages. The game is becoming more popular and this is because padel can provide a competitive game for those who want to test themselves. Padel might not have the prestige that is provided by tennis, but it’s certainly a game that is on the rise.

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Is Padel Easier Than Tennis?
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