Want to get more Spin and learn how to use it when you next play Padel? Weather you’re an aggressive or defensive Padel player it is really going to improve your game when you learn how to get more slice and use it wisely!

1. Choosing a Padel racket which can give you more spin

Choosing a Padel bat with a rough surface will not only help your topspin (Not that you’ll use it anywhere near as much as when playing Tennis) but also your slice and sidespin. Bonus! Brands from Adidas to Nox each have rackets for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Try one out at your local pro shop!

2. Types of Spin

There are generaly two types of spin you’ll be putting on the ball when playing tennis. Topspin (primarily) and backspin (the slice). In Padel you’ll be much more skin to squash, using the slice significantly more – with the exception of traditional tennis players new to the Padel game who will be beginning by smashing shots out of the court!

3. Padel Rackets to help with spin

Have you checked our our guide to the Best Padel Rackets for beginners, intermediates and pros yet? Check it out and see which can help you get not only the most spin but which compliments your playing style to help maximise the effectiveness of your spin on the ball.

4. How to Use Spin in Padel

We’ll be having our top coaches tip for the court right here soon on 1st July! With some live video to show you exactly how to use spin against your opponent when playing Padel!

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