How Many Padel Courts Are In The UK?

How Many Padel Courts Are In The UK?

How Many Padel Courts Are In The UK?

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Written by Olivia Scott

July 26, 2021

As of November 2020, there are an estimated 6,000 active padel players in the UK and this number is rapidly increasing with each year that passes, because of the popularity of the sport. Us Brits can’t get enough of the game. At we think it is great that so many people are taking up padel, because it means that the increased number of players will encourage tennis clubs and sport centres to install more padel courts and facilities. 

At the moment, there are 107 padel courts at 52 clubs. This amount of padel courts is low compared to the number of players that are taking up the sport each year. However, the surge in demand for the game will benefit the sport immensely as it will prompt investment in padel facilities, and allow tennis clubs to recognise the popularity of the sport. Once we see the increase in padel courts across the country, the number of professional players will increase and clubs will see new members. You never know, we might have the next world champion on our shores. 

What Is A Padel Court?

 The main difference between a padel court and a tennis court is that a padel court is enclosed by four walls. The game is typically played in doubles and players use the walls to score points. The walls of the courts need to be durable to withstand shots from a padel ball, so they are often constructed out of mesh, concrete or glass. Glass is often chosen because it’s durable enough to allow the ball to bounce off it, and in turn allows the audience to have a clear view of the game.

 If you are reading this and you manage a tennis club or sports centre and are considering installing a padel court, take a look at the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) guidance on padel courts.

Where Can You Play Padel?

With the popularity of padel ever increasing, it is easier than ever to play padel in the UK. The game is not just confined to ex-pats playing padel on the sunny shores of the Costa del Sol, but is now enjoyed all over the UK.

 From Bournemouth to Edinburgh, you can find a court that will satisfy your padel needs. The predicted growth of padel courts is meant to be 535 in the UK by 2023. There are different types of clubs that will cater for your different padel requirements, either renting equipment to coaching there is a club for everybody. The number of padel courts in the UK will only increase and the number of padel courts will rival the amount of tennis and squash courts that are out there. 

If you need some inspiration on where to play padel, we’ve created a blog that lists the 10 Of The Best Padel Clubs In The UK

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