5 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Play Padel

December 30, 2021

ithEver wondered which famous faces have been having a round of padel? It’s no shock that with this sport growing in popularity, that a few celebrities have also been having a go, whether that be on holiday, installing courts into their own properties or even investing money into the sport – it’s clear that padel really has won the hearts of many well-known people. This list breaks down five of the most popular celebrities who have been trying their hand at padel.

1. Andy Murray

It’s no secret that the tennis king himself, Andy Murray, is into playing padel. After investing an unconfirmed amount into the Game4Padel business, which has opened many courts across the United Kingdom, it’s no surprise that Andy Murray is a fan of playing this sport himself. However, we do recommend thinking twice before stepping onto a court with him, with padel going by the name of ‘padel tennis’ in some countries, we can imagine his skills will be easily transferable. 

2. David Beckham

David Beckham, the English footballer and OBE has also been spotted enjoying the sport. Since moving away from British soil and settling down in Miami, the sports star has been seen taking on padel as one of his fitness activities. Miami is thought to be the ‘capital’ of padel in the states and is becoming more and more viral in the region. With more than 5 clubs now open in this one area, it’s no wonder that Beckham has been seen having a go at padel. 

3. Peter Jones

Peter Jones, a staple on the hit show Dragons Den, has also been sunning it up on the padel court whilst on holiday with some other familiar faces. The British entrepreneur who became a millionaire after honing his business skills running a tennis coaching school, has started showing interest in padel. With padel being similar to tennis in many ways, like being played in doubles and using related equipment, it seems almost a natural step that Peter Jones’ interest has grown to this sport. 

4. Peter Crouch

It seems like the natural progression of footballers is to begin taking on padel as their next preferred sport, with Peter Crouch being the second football star on our list. Peter Crouch has shown his passion for this particular sport in many ways, as he’s been seen enjoying the regular game of padel on the courts near his home ground of Chesire. But also, he had a one-on-one battle with Andy Murray, where his abilities were put to the test as he fought to win after the three-time Grand Slam champion himself. Part of one of the famous BBC Children In Need stunts, this duo duelled it out on the padel court, playing and completing three games of padel5.

5. Bradley Walsh

Finally, on our list is Bradley Walsh. Bradley Walsh, the English actor, comedian, singer, television presenter and former professional footballer. Walsh has famously been known for his roles as Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street, as DS Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order: UK, and as Graham O’Brien in Doctor Who. This famous face is also no stranger to the padel court either as he has been seen on holiday with friends like Peter Jones and John Terry having a few rounds on the courts. 

With padel now being televised on Sky Sports, you may potentially see some of these celebs at the next tournament event. 

By: <a href="https://www.padelpadelpadel.com/author/jamesjamesoakley-co-uk/" target="_self">James Oakley</a>

By: James Oakley

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