Esher Padel Club

Esher Padel Club

Written by Lauren Fortune

August 21, 2021

About ESHER Padel Club

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Esher you’ll find 2 Padel Courts based at Esher Lawn Tennis Club. A little hidden away from the rest of the courts but ideal if you want to play Padel somewhere with club facilities to grab a drink after your game.

Esher Padel Club Booking and playing questions

  • How do you play Padel at Esher Tennis and Padel Club?

Unlike some courts you must be a member here to play Padel. You can check out the webstie for membership fees

  • How do I book a court at the club?

  • Only Padel members can book courts, After this you can do this online or via phone.

    Do I need my own Padel Bat / Racket?

esher padel tennis club

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