Edinburgh Sports Club

Edinburgh Sports Club

Written by Olivia Scott

December 30, 2021

Finding a good spot to play padel in a new area can be tricky – but with it’s growth in popularity in recent years, there are usually some courts you might not know about! 

The sport of Padel or Paddle Tennis now firmly has its roots here in England and if you’re looking for a court near you, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be breaking down all the courts which are in the Edinburgh area, where you can don your racket, grab your equipment and get in a good game of padel. 

What’s New For Padel In Edinburgh?

With the sport of Padel becoming increasingly popular up and down the country, it’s no wonder that more and more courts have started popping up in Edinburgh. In 2019, Barnton Park Tennis Club announced that they would be adding a padel court to their facilities after partnering with Game4Padel. 

They opened this brand new facility on the 22nd of September, with a free event which allowed all of their guests to try out padel. Using the new equipment provided, such as rackets and balls, they could win an array of prizes, such as t-shirts, throughout the day. 

Where To Play Padel In Edinburgh?

So, aside from Barnton Park Tennis Club, where else can you play Padel in the lovely city of Edinburgh? Thistle Padel is a great option, based in the heart of Edinburgh, you can play padel on one of their 2 covered courts decked out with floodlights and the option to pay and play. If you are a regular padel player, you can also grab a membership which is only £5 a month. On these courts, age does not matter. There are both adult and junior club sessions, which means that the whole family can have fun playing. In addition, if you’re new to the padel community, there is a large group that play often at Thistle Padel, meaning that there will be no shortage of partners and there are even qualified, passionate coaches present if you are to need any top tips.

Edinburgh Sports Club is another exceptional place to play padel. Hosting a range of other sports as well, such as racquetball, squash and tennis – you could have hours of fun at this venue. ESC (Edinburgh Sports Club) have taken great pride in being considered ‘The Home of Scottish Padel’, since 2014, when they first constructed their padel courts.They now have three amazing courts to choose from, which have all been covered, allowing you to play all year round.  

As well as being able to play the day away on their padel courts, you can also join their social mix-ins, which happen on every Wednesday and Friday mornings. These meetings have a range of experience levels attending, all the way from intermediate to beginner and it gives all padel players a chance to get together and speak about their passion. If you’ve been in the padel game for a while and want to test out your skills, there are also tournaments which commence at the ESC throughout the year, which you can get involved with even if you aren’t a member. 

Not only that, but there are also Interclub matches, which is where arranged matches between other padel clubs based in Scotland get together and play off in tournaments. Currently, there are not many established clubs in Scotland or even in the Edinburgh area, so when there is a chance to get a team together from other associations, you should definitely take it.


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