Can You Play Padel in Winter?

November 8, 2021

With the cold of winter slowly creeping in and shorter days on the horizon, you’re probably thinking it might be time to drop the racket and head back inside. But it doesn’t have to be like this, we’re here to talk about winter Padel playing and the best way to go about continuing to play through the cold. 

As Padel originally became popular in warmer countries like South America and Spain, Padel is a year-round sport enjoyed in the sunshine. But as it’s gained its popularity over here in the UK, there’s more opportunity to play in rubbish weather over the winter months. 

But why should the cold stop you if you enjoy a game of Padel that much? Here are some things to think about and look out for when you’re playing in the winter …


During the colder months, it’s really important to warm up properly. As the air is much colder, your muscles will likely be tighter and this means you need to put a bit more time into your warm-up before your game. Stay warm in-between sets immediately after the game to maintain your body heat and stay limber, avoiding any risk of injury.

The colder conditions also mean colder body temperature, which will slow down your movements, affecting your reaction time, your swing, and your speed.  


With the colder weather come adverse weather conditions. This means wet and slippery floors from rain showers, dew and frost that might form overnight for early morning games, and even cracks in the floors from fluctuating temperature.

Although sometimes this is unavoidable and may well interfere with your game, make sure you’ve assessed the surfaces before you play to avoid injury. 

Clothing and footwear

As you would with your usual wardrobe, it’s time to refresh your activewear and sports gear. Naturally, wearing light and quick-drying clothing when you play sports is the go-to, as it’s non-restricting and easy to wash and dry. But as we’re playing in colder temperatures, we need to change this up a bit. 

Opt for layers when you’re prepping for a game. By all means, keep your thin and quick-drying clothes, but add a thicker layer on top to keep your body heat locked in. Adding a hat will trap any heat trying to escape from your head and 

Going back to being wary of the surfaces you’re playing on, think about sensible footwear with a good grip to prevent you from slipping on a damp court floor. 

If you don’t think a winter game of Padel is for you, you can still participate in Padel related activities inside to improve your game before summer comes around again. Read articles and watch videos on techniques to improve yours, and spend some time on your workout routine to get yourself fit and ready for the return of warmer months for more Padel games.

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