Bullpadel has been honing its craft over the years, slowly perfecting its line-up of professional-level padel shoes to be used competitively. They are proving to be an increasingly popular choice amongst those who take the sport seriously, in no small part due to their excellent build quality, innovative sports technology and competitive pricing. However, their line-up of products is growing quickly, with plenty of shoes on sale for specific usages and play styles.

If you’re unsure of what their best offerings are, or what shoes are best suited to your needs, this article is here to help. But firstly, before buying it is best to know what kind of criteria is best suited to you.


What Makes a Good Padel Shoe?

When padel players first started playing the sport, they would often wear tennis shoes. Soon though, people started to realize that the typical pair of tennis shoes were not properly optimized for padel courts and that a few changes needed to be made to optimize them. The primary changes were made to the sole and to the upper. Padel calls for a lot more vertical mobility and quick rotations. Tennis primarily requires horizontal movement along the baseline, this being the key difference between the two when it comes to shoes. As a result, the soles and uppers of padel shoes and tennis shoes are different. Padel shoes have a firmer sole that allows for rotation and a softer top that allows for more flexibility. Now, the best padel players in the world exclusively wear shoes made specifically for padel.

Finding the right amount of grip for your shoe is a good area to focus on. Too much grip will hinder your mobility, and too little won’t provide you with the stability you need as you rally. Keep an eye out for what court each shoe is best suited to and match it to what kind of court you expect to be playing on the most. Ankle support is the other key factor to consider when buying your shoes, with more or less ankle support being a trade-off of stability and agility respectively.


Who Is Bullpadel?

Bullpadel is a Spanish-based company that aims to “transmit: The passion, dedication, effort and values that we have and feel for this sport”. Their primary efforts as an organization are to train and develop players to play Padel professionally, but through their expertise, within the sport, they have transitioned to also start providing players with the high-quality padel equipment they need to raise the level of their game.

Now, their team of ex-players, coaches and designers have started to ship their product across Europe and it’s well worth taking a look at their best shoes.

Best Bullpadel Shoes

Footwear Bullpadel Hack Hybrid Fly 22V

The Hack Hybrid Fly 22V are the chosen shoes to be worn by Paquito Navarro. The advanced design provides a flexible and light shoe designed for the most agility. The grip and materials used allow for both great traction and mobility. The shoe is also available in other colourways. A light, flexible, and breathable mesh has replaced the KNIT fabric. Furthermore, the upper material has been changed from lycra to an elastic mesh. Another innovative feature is the fortification of the toe, which has a rubber protection injected into the interior of the toe to avoid harm to the shoe from probable friction. This item is perforated to keep it light, breathable, and flexible.


Footwear Bullpadel Next Hybrid White

The next hybrid shoes are a great all-around economical option for players just getting into the game. The shoe arose from the development of a trainer designed for advanced and mid-level players looking for footwear suited to a medium or high level of play. With a larger profile for more cushioning, the redesigned sole stands out. It has the novel SUPPORT ARC, double support to provide stability in the arch area of the foot. On one hand, the outer fin that protrudes from the sole profile supports the foot in outward movements, and on the other hand, the central TPU stabiliser is a support for the arch of the foot that generates greater stability.


Footwear Bullpadel Vertex Grip 22V

These flashy shoes were designed to play similarly to how they look, with a lot of flair and aggression. The upper features seamless technology and KNIT fabric for durability, flexibility, and breathability. It also contains injected rubber reinforcement in the toe cap and interior, a specialisation designed to prevent the foot from chafing, making it a good fit for players who drag their foot to the ground.


Choosing the right shoe can take your game to the next level, and the same goes for other equipment. You may also be interested in our guide for selecting the best padel racket.

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