Brighton Padel Clubs

Brighton Padel Clubs

Written by Olivia Scott

November 19, 2021

What’s New?

Good news for all the Padel fans out there, as of the 22nd of November here in Brighton and Hove we’re getting the chance to experience Padel in a sports environment. Freedom Leisure in the heart of Withdean is partnering up with Game4Padel to bring this famous sport it’s own courts for the chance to experience Padel here in Brighton. Following the initial dates, you will be able to book out the facilities at Withdean for you and your friends to play Padel. Offering their services and excited to see people immersing themselves in the sibling of tennis and squash, Freedom Leisure are ready to accommodate all your Padel needs and wants. 

One of the many attractive features of Padel is its likeness to other ball and racket sports which lends itself to only needing a third of the room, maximizing the numbers able to play. With the spacious courts available from Withdean, now’s a great chance to either improve your game or embark on a new journey with Padel. 

This will be Brighton’s first Pasel court, making it an exciting opportunity to be among  the first to use them. Exciting times for sports like Padel with its ever growing popularity we’re delighted to be pioneering the sport at Withdean.

Where To Play Padel In Brighton? 

As previously mentioned, Brightons first and only Padel playing area will be available at Withdean who are excited to welcome those who already love to play. A perfect match for host company Game4Padel as their passion and dedication to the sport is what brought their vision to life. Whether Padel is your go to or your never heard of it. Everyone is welcome to play. It’s easier rules and similarity is ideal for those looking to switch up their sporting activities this winter.

Where To Play Padel In East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey?

Alongside this new launch of play space, there are other places here in Sussex where you can get your Padel Fix. Closest to home is the Burgess Hill courts that can accommodate playing Padel. Equipped with tennis courts and no need to be a member this is a friendly and welcoming environment for Padel.  

Next up is Chichester Racquets & Fitness Club, similarly to the others, these courts are the ideal place for Padel with their racket focus and spacious courts set in the town of Chichester. 

Lastly there of course is our Withdean centre that will be facilitating the Padel courts for a 2-week trial basis. The ideal time to try this sport that is already loved by so many across the globe. 

We know that many of you will have developed a love for movement and sport over the trying  times of the pandemic which is why you can be assured all safety measures suitable to sport facilities like Freedom Leisure are ready and in place.

Padel in Brighton

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