If you’ve recently discovered padel or are thinking about starting lessons in the new year, it’s good to know where you can book a padel court in the UK. At some padel clubs, you may be able to book a court to spend an hour or two playing a popular sport with your friends. At other clubs, you may have to register for a padel lesson first with an instructor who will guide you through everything you need to know about padel. If you’re completely new to the sport, we recommend booking a couple of hours in with a padel instructor before you book a court by yourself. This reduces the chance of injuries and helps you to start off on the right foot on the padel court. 

Book padel courts in the UK

For new padel players who are based in the UK, we recommend having a look at our website as it contains all information you will need to know before getting started. We cover everything you need to know about padel, important rules and guidelines and we review the best padel rackets and equipment available! What more could you ask for?

Before you even set foot on the padel court for the first time, you’ll already be fully up to date with all the key factors and events regarding this beloved sport.If you’re on the hunt for a padel court in your area, you can consult our guide that shows padel courts ‘near me’. We cover padel courts in London, the Midlands and the south of the UK. In England, there are now over 100 padel courts to choose from and luckily for fans of the sports, these are expanding every day. With its growing popularity, we expect to see a lot more padel courts popping up in the next few years!

Best padel racket

Is it your first time booking a padel court and are you still unsure what is expected from you? If you’ve gathered a total of 4 friends or colleagues to hit the padel court with, it’s good to know what to bring along. First of all, it’s important to have a padel racket. As a beginner, we understand that you are not waiting to pay hundreds of pounds for your first padel racket as you’re still getting the hang of the sport. Invest in a beginner padel racket and once you have more experience on the court, you can move up to an intermediate or advanced piece of equipment. . Whatever works best for you! If this is your first time playing, we recommend renting a padel racket at your local padel club. Usually, they will have a set of  rackets available for those who don’t own one themselves yet. It’s a good way to start playing without investing a lot of money.

Padel attire

While there isn’t a specific attire you should have on when playing padel, it’s important that you’re wearing comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and are sweat proof. If you’ve played tennis before and you have some clothes hanging around, those are great to use for padel too. Sports clothing in general is fine to use for padel. If you’re getting more advanced, you may want to invest in padel shoes which will help you to get enough grip whilst also maximising your performance. 

where to play padel uk

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