Which Padel Racket shape should I buy is a question I often get asked in person or on a live chat. The answer as with all racket sports is that is depends! On your ability, style, age, injuries and more! The best Padel rackets for power might not suit players who win matches with their control or balance, or who regularly parter with a big hitter who isn’t so consistent. But check out the below guide on how to buy a Padel racket based on your style and you’ll at least have some great options to look at right away!

Which is the best Shape Padel Racket to buy? The 3-Step Guide to Choosing Your Padel Racket Shape


Padel Rackets by Shape


1. Round Padel Rackets:

Round Padel Rackets, in short, are best for those who like a high level of control over their shots. The balance sits low in the racket allowing those with an experienced, often slightly longer swing the chance to really place their shots. This is often better for intermediate to advanced players who don’t need any additional power generated for them.

Advantages of a Round Padel Racket: Who should buy them?

Those beginning to play padel who want more control with a more forgiving sweet spot
Experienced players who are Defenders looking to use opponents’ power against them
Those with prior injuries such as tennis elbow

2. Teardrop Padel Rackets

Teardrop-shaped Padel rackets sit as the intermediate between Round and Diamond and have their own niche. Often as someone advances from a round shape bat they may choose to ‘stop in’ at Teardrop because while you’ll lose some of the control, you gain a little power and still retain significantly more control than using a diamond-shaped racket head. 

Ideal for:
Players looking to get more aggressive
Improving Padel Players wanting a little more power for smashes while retaining some control
Players who regularly play with a group who have significant power
Players who flit between a defensive and offensive aggressive Padel style of play


3. Diamond Shape Padel Rackets:

Diamond shape Padel Rackets are probably the most commonly used by padel professional players due to their extra power generation and the fact that they require an extra level of skill to master when on the court, although with technology improving, Diamond shape racket heads are becoming more and more accessible to players who are either conscious of aggravating an old injury or who worry about the loss of control having previous used a round or teardrop shape racket

Advantages of a Diamond Shape Padel Racket:

More power
Better finishing of the points with smashes (providing you’ve got the skill to use the racket!)
Perfect for high level aggressive performance players 


2. Padel Racket Shapes by playing style


Defensive counterpuncher:

If you’re a defender then you can be one of the few proud enough to use a round or teardrop bat against your powerful pals using their diamond shaped heads. Often the choice of tennis players transitioning to Padel, the defensive style is tough to master, with the touch and feel part of the game in Padel much more akin to squash than tennis often. 

All Rounder

If you’re comfortable with defending or attacking then a teardrop shape may be perfect for you. However, don’t sacrifice your racket mobility just to get into a diamond racket unless you’re at that level. I’ve personally both in Padel and Tennis done this out of a lack of modesty for just how good my game is and always had to end up going back to the drawing board, or practicing seriously hard to get to the level needed to play with my chosen Padel or Tennis Racket! 


Depending on your level it’s quite likely you’ll want to be quickly looking at a Teardrop or Diamond shape Padel Head to try and finish off points quickly and generate pressure on opponents


Left Sider:

The Diamond Shape Padel Racket is possibly even more important for those bosding the left side of their Padel Court


Right Sider:

On the right side, you’ve likely got space for a little more control using a teardrop if you need it

Now that you are familiar with the different shape rackets, take a look at our short list of the best padel rackets to buy for beginners 

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