Finding the right padel shoes for you can be a tricky task to navigate, with so many pairs of good shoes for playing padel, you might ask yourself where should I begin looking for padel shoes. The answer? Right here. Our team of enthusiastic padel players have researched and collected some of the best shoes for playing padel. All of which can be found below, to save you the trouble of endless hours of searching. So, without further ado, read on to see the best shoes for playing padel on the market currently.

What to Look for When Buying Padel Shoes


When considering the flexibility of the shoe, it is a good idea to look for shoes that will bend through the sole and toes of the foot. You will need the freedom to bend your foot due to the constant pivoting and accelerating when on the court. If you have a pair of padel shoes that don’t allow you to bend your foot in the right way, you will find yourself unable to engage with your calf muscle, making it difficult to accelerate throughout the game.

Width of the Shoe:

Due to the lateral movement often involved in padel matches, you will want to look for a pair of padel shoes that pose a comfortable fit and surround your feet, without leaving too much extra space. Check that your foot isn’t slipping inside the shoes to make sure they are the right pair of padel shoes for you.


The grip of the shoe is one of the most important aspects when considering the best padel shoes for you. The outsole provides the most amount of grip and is the foundation of your stability in-game. Below you can find the best soles for padel shoes:

Best Soles for Padel Shoes

The ‘omni type’ style sole is recognised for the dots it displays around the outside of the shoe’s sole and are deep enough that they prevent slipping on artificial grass. They help players to move freely around the padel court at a constant pace, supporting abrupt movements throughout the game.

The herringbone sole displays two parallel lines in a zig-zag formation as is often found with many tennis shoes. The grip of this style of soles is top quality, consisting of a combination of materials to create enhanced abrasion resistance compared with soles found on other padel shoes. This type of sole is most effective on padel courts with a sandy surface due to the relief of stress on the knee joint in-game.

Padel shoes with mixed soles offer a combination of the above two types of soles. With these types of padel shoes, the omni sole is prominent toward the front of the sole, using a Spikelet pattern to accommodate quick sliding movements to reach those fastballs.

best padel shoes

What Are the Best Padel Shoes Available Currently?

ASICS Gel-Padel Pro 3 SG Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Padel Pro 3 SG padel shoes have been created to provide players with extra cushioning and support and are one of the favoured padel shoes out there. The upper of the shoes feature a mixture of synthetic leather and mesh which enhances the breathability of the shoes. The midsole has been crafted using ASICS patented GEL cushioning with a Trussic system that provides exceptional comfort and stability in every padel match. The outsole of the shoe maintains a herringbone tread which makes these padel shoes appropriate for playing on either clay or hard courts. The ASICS Gel-Padel Pro is offered in two colours and is considered to be lightweight, with the key selling point being the added comfort provided by the ASICS gel cushioning system whilst being at an affordable price.

Asics Gel Lima Padel FF

The Asics Gel Lima Padel FF are a new adaptation of the most popular Padel shoe in the world and has been designed in collaboration with World Padel Tour player Pablo Lima. The Asics Lima offers an excellent combination of agility and stability and proves to be a pair of padel shoes with exceptional quality due to the infamous Asics cushioning.

The Padel Lima shoes are practical for Padel athletes who are looking for a pair of Padel shoes that offer flexibility combined with a lightweight design. The shoes feature a no-sew panelling combined with DYNAWRAP technology to enhance stability when executing quick movements across the padel court. The midsole has been developed using Asics Gel cushioning technology and also comprises an Ortholite sock liner combined with Flytefoam technology in order to enhance shock absorption and provide further comfort.

Adidas Mens G26829 Courtjam Bounce Multicourt

The Adidas CourtJam Bounce Multicourt are an affordable pair of padel shoes produced by Adidas that work well for both padel and tennis. They are designed for more advanced padel players and are lightweight, offering great comfort and an airy, durable upper material for sufficient ventilation, due to the Adidas-specific Vamp construction using mesh and TPU. The midsole maintains the well-recognised Bounce technology which poses the famous ‘cloud-like’ comfort and soft landings.

They also offer good cushioning and have a durable outsole, which is created using an Adiwear rubber, combined with a unique herringbone pattern that provides great traction and durability across any and all padel courts. The key selling point for the Adidas CourtJam Bounce Multicourt is the spring in your step which the Bounce technology contributes to the shoes, whilst the extended outsole offers increased protection against toe-dragging in-game.

Bullpadel Flow W 20 

The Women’s Bullpadel Flow W 20 padel shoes are used by Alejandra Salazar and have been created for advanced padel players looking for flexibility and the ability to execute fast movements. These padel shoes offer enhanced stability and traction, offering seamless technology combined with mesh fabric which provides breathability and flexibility.  The central and rear stabiliser favours foot support and improves balance, as well as an ortholite insole. The sole is of a hybrid design combining a herringbone sole in areas requiring added ease of movement with micro-tack to provide an improved grip and stopping. The Bullpadel Flow W 20 padel shoes are ideal for a variety of surfaces found on padel courts.

Babolat Jet Premura

The Babolat Jet Premura is the first pair of shoes created specifically for Padel and was voted The Best Padel Shoe in 2019. They offer maximum lightness and agility but don’t compromise when it comes to stability. The soles used are created in collaboration with Mondo (the official manufacturer of the artificial grass found on the World Padel Tour courts) providing exceptional support, combined with the woven-in matryx and 360° flexion found on the forefoot of the shoe, enabling you to anticipate each change in movement. The Babolat Jet Premura are worn by Juan Lebron, the No.1 player on the professional circuit in 2019.


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