Best Padel Rackets For Beginners 2022

December 30, 2021

There are around 15,000 active padel players across the United Kingdom. There are also currently 142 padel courts at 66 venues – a number that is set to grow substantially over the coming years. So, a reasonable question a new player might ask is ‘what is the best padel racket to buy?’

In this article, we will be answering that question with our below list of the best padel rackets for beginners for 2022, perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Best Value Padel Racket – Kuikma Adult Padel Racket

If you’re just starting out in this increasingly popular sport and want the best budget option  that will get you started on your padel journey, then this racket is our go to. At the very affordable price of £34.99 with some select retailers, the KUIKMA PR500 is one of the highest quality rackets on the current market. With a plethora of great reviews from other beginners and even intermediate players. This racket is commended for its balance, large sweet spot and durable design, making it the ideal  starter racket. 

Check out the Best Value Padel Racket

kuikma padel racket for beginners

Lightest Padel Racket – Adidas RX20 Light Padel Racket

Calling all novices back to the padel court..we have another great option for you!  rackets generally weigh between 330g and 385 g. A lighter racket, such as the Adidas RX20 Light Padel Racket,  is easier to use and gives you more control of your strokes. If you suffer from tennis elbow, a more light-weight racket is a more ideal  option since it is easier on the joints. However, you may find lighter options have a premium due to the more advanced materials they have used to create these products.. Also, remember to  consider how long you may be playing for at a time and if you want to prioritise more power or agility over the weight of your equipment. 

adidas padel racket for beginners

Best Mid Range Racket – Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racket

With nearly 50 5 Star reviews and based on the ‘magician’ Sanyo Gutiérrez’s very own model, at £48.99 the Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racket is our top choice to get you started in padel. Whether you’re curious about the sport and want to get started or have played with a friend’s l racket already, try out the Evo Sanyo and prepare to be hooked! It has a larger sweet spot and the soft rubber makes  it all the more comfortable. . The carbon frame is reinforced with Innegra technology for greater power and fewer vibrations. Not to mention that the power is unmatched!

head padel racket for beginners

Honourable Mentions 

If you have a bit more cash to splash, or just fancy shopping around for some of the other options on the market, have a look at these other padel rackets , a bit of research never hurt anybody!

padel head flash racket
bullpadel raider padel racket
padel cartri racket for beginners

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