NOX Sport is a Spanish sports apparel and equipment company who are focused on racket sports. Originating in Spain, the company is perhaps most well-known for its padel gear and serves as a great choice for players looking to start upping their game. Although there are plenty of options for more entry-level equipment, NOX also offers professional-grade equipment that is used in the pro circuit by players like the Argentinian Tapia, the Alayeto twins and the Atomikas twins. 

This page takes a look at some of the equipment that is more tailored to the higher end of NOX’s range. Overall, the brand finds a great balance between control and power, and their durability means NOX’s equipment is built to last.


Best NOX Padel Rackets

NOX created its ML10 line to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players. This range is unique in its lightness and deftness, providing an extra boost of finesse thanks to the super-light carbon fibre material employed in the padel rackets. Although light, this material does not impact the power that can be generated by striking the ball. The carbon fibre frame surrounds the rubber centre of the racket, and the rubber is again a top-notch material.

One of the best rackets on offer from NOX is the ML10 Cup Pro. Because of its design as well as its performance, the Ml10 Pro Cup is one of the best-selling padel rackets on the market. Professional players have turned it into a classic in recent years, and its presence on the court is obvious. The balance of the racket is low, making it very manageable on the court in a fantastic blend of precision and power.

padel courts

Otherwise, another great racket to sport this year is the NOX Nerbo Wpt Luxury Series 2022. Built with a diamond frame for more attacking prowess. More material is used on the frame for this racket, which was designed to reduce the discrepancy in hardness between the frame and the racket face. This is so that the racket remains accurate even when it is hard with the outer area of the racket.

Finally, if the pro-level equipment isn’t a necessity and you are on the hunt for something that provides better value for money, then it’s worth taking a look at NOX’ X-One Evo Black racket. This solid and comfortable racket is a great starter for padel players and is a great all-rounder for people working on all areas of their game.


Best NOX Shoes

The shoes on offer from NOX share a similar story to their other equipment. High-quality materials are designed and crafted in a considered way for professional players. Like their padel rackets, many pro players have already adopted these shoes for good. They have been designed by medical professionals to provide comfort and protection to players’ feet while preventing injury. Some of our favourite picks are below:


These flashy shoes will ensure you don’t go unnoticed on the court. These are among the first shoes by NOX clinically designed to prevent injuries with carefully designed soles and rubber. They’re also available in other colours if you prefer less flashiness.


These sharp-looking all-rounders were specifically selected by Agustin Tapia to be worn in the WPT 2022, and they feature the same health and safety considerations as their other shoes.


Best NOX Accessories

Fancy spicing up your gear to add a little flair to your on-court appearance? Or, perhaps you are in the market for something that can make your life easier when it comes to playing the sport. Below are some nifty accessories you may be interested in, offered by NOX.


Stand out with some wristbands available in multiple colours.


Refine your grip and aim with some overgrips, available in multiple colours to stand out.

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