Choosing the right padel tennis trainers to maintain peak performance can be difficult, as can locating those that provide optimal comfort and grip. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult with brands like Asics offering specific Asics padel trainers, for doing just that. Asics is a Japanese corporation with a long history of producing and manufacturing shoes and offer a variety of padel-specific styles.

Popular Sports Equipment Brand: Asics

Typically known for its production of running shoes, Asics as a brand have a long-standing reputation for its high quality, durability and affordability of unique trainer styles. Due to their reputation in the sports world for being a high performance and durable shoe, they are an ideal choice for padel games due to their ability to withhold performance in long endurance matches.

Asics trainers are ideal for any competitive padel players looking for a versatile style. The Asics padel shoes combine synthetic leather overlays and mesh inserts to give better ventilation and support where it’s required most. Improving your playing experience on the court with their superior support and shock absorption, their ideal for long-lasting comfort and grip, an ideal for showcasing an agile performance throughout your padel matches. 

Asics padel shoes are distinguished from the competition by their Herringbone and Omni Pattern engineering. Herringbone makes it easier to glide on artificial turf, which is ideal for a game of padel. The Omni Pattern is made up of unique dots on the shoe’s sole that give consistent traction and are excellent for lateral sliding, making them an ideal construction for any padel player.

asics padel shoes

Padel Trainers by Asics

The grip and agility are commonly reflected through a good pair of trainers and with padel players typically based around your athleticism and movements, having a good pair of trainers to reflect and maintain your agility is key. Asics provide bespoke padel trainers that highlight key properties that trainers must have in order to help support any padel player to play their best. Due to the sheer agility required in padel, with the constant shift in directions and reaching for the ball across the court as quickly as possible, it’s vital also to maintain a firm grip from your trainers throughout your game to support you at all times in order to reach those more difficult shots.

Saying this, Asics have a variety of technology in their padel trainers to help you perform your best on any padel court. With Asics’ gel cushioning technology in the midsole, their trainer range is an excellent complement for a padel game helping to achieve your top athletic performance. Due to their shock absorption technology, front protection, and dual-density rubber, the Asics padel range provides top-tier footwork when it comes to reaching for those difficult shots around the padel court. They come in a variety of colours and styles and are a premium athletic choice for supporting your best padel performance! 


Asics padel shoe range comes in many styles, one being the Asics PADEL LIMA™ FF, a black and white staple and go-to for a neutral padel trainer. With its lightweight design and excellent flexibility, it’s a perfect fit to keep you on your toes bouncing around the padel court. With its construction featuring Dynawrap™ technology, it offers quick cuts around the court to keep up with your competitors.

Gel-Padel Pro 5 

Another Asics favourite is the Asics Gel-Padel Pro 5 with its Forefoot GEL™ and Trusstic System™ technology, its deliberate padel engineering makes it a perfect fit for any padel player. Due to its stabilizing and shock absorbing abilities, it’s ideal for gripping your performance on the court, with efficient durability to keep you performing your best, consistently. Available in blue with neon green and aqua and pink, it’s an ideal go-to for anyone wanting to level up their padel playing skills and agility.


For competitive padel players, the Asics Gel-Padel Pro 4  is a versatile style shoe that proves great for indoor playing. With its unique qualities, it can assist you to have a better court experience by providing improved support and comfort throughout all your matches. With its increased airflow and supportive qualities giving comfort where it’s required most, thanks to synthetic leather overlays and mesh panelling on the upper, it’s any padel player’s desired choice. With its cushioning and lightweight stability allowing for quick transitions on the court, it provides greater support, stability and flexibility to improve your game.  

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