If you’re looking for a list of the best Adidas padel shoes then you’ve come to the right place. Padel Padel Padel has sourced the best Adidas shoes for you to save you the time! Adidas padel shoes are designed for players of all skill levels, from amateur padel players to experienced. Adidas padel shoes are designed with the needs of every level padel player in mind. Adidas shoes stand out, for their consistent grip, cushioning and strength on the court, which is why they are often among the favourite padel shoes for padel players.

Whether you are simply looking for comfortable padel shoes, a padel shoe that focuses on grip, or perhaps a pair of lightweight padel shoes, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes for your next padel match in this article.


Why Should You Choose Adidas Padel Shoes?

Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction. They have been manufacturing quality shoes for a variety of sports since 1949 and stand out for their quality sports equipment, continuing as one of the leading sports brands in the world we know and love today. Although Adidas only started its investment into padel a few years ago, their padel shoes stand out for their excellent grip and their shoes are great specifically for padel surfaces. Adidas shoes also pose great resistance and durability, as they are manufactured with areas of enhanced reinforcement. Adidas padel shoes will guarantee the greatest comfort in padel matches, with a large collection aimed specifically at padel players, and often maintaining a spectacular aesthetic. Comfort, resistance and design are often positive characteristics found within Adidas padel shoes.

adidas padel shoes

List Of The Best Adidas Shoes for Padel:


Adidas G26829 Courtjam Bounce Multicourt Padel Shoes

The Adidas CourtJam Bounce Multicourt padel shoes work excellently for both padel and tennis and are designed for the more advanced padel players. These padel shoes offer a lightweight, comfortable fit combined with a durable airy upper material to allow for sufficient ventilation and include the Adidas-specific ‘Vamp’ construction, which uses mesh and TPU for extra breathability. 

The midsole of these shoes maintains the fan favourite ‘Bounce technology’ which gives the famous ‘cloud-like’ comfort and soft landings Adidas padel shoes are famous for.

As well as this, these shoes offer a good cushioning with a durable outsole created using Adiwear rubber, combined with a unique herringbone pattern that delivers excellent traction and durability across any padel court. The main feature point for the Adidas CourtJam Bounce Multicourt padel shoes is the enhanced movement which the bounce technology adds to these shoes, with the extended outsole increasing protection against any toe-dragging during matches.

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Clay Shoes

The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 shoes are designed for speed and contain recycled materials. These padel shoes aid the wearer to be faster across the court. The stretched canvas upper as well as the external heel clip helps to ensure you can maintain explosive sprints every game. They are also equipped with internal reinforcements which ensure optimal stability. 

The subtle Lightstrike midsole and grippy Adiwear outsole ensure you have maximum responsiveness to each and every shot, with the Lightstrike technology optimising cushioning and dynamism as well as offering greater lightness for increased comfort and speed. These shoes are perfect for padel players looking for a lightweight pair of padel shoes to take to the court.

As an excellent feature, Adidas has also incorporated the ‘Primegreen’ program within these shoes, which uses recycled polyester for the manufacturing process, thus maintaining a better ecological footprint.


Adidas Game Court 2 M FTWR Core Padel Shoes

The Adidas Game Court 2 M FTWR Core padel shoes are designed for new padel players starting out in the world of padel or for those who tend to play now and again. These padel shoes feature a herringbone sole which provides excellent grip on the padel court while allowing the wearer to slide for shots without falling over. Furthermore, the Adidas Adiwear technology has been incorporated to help reduce wear that occurs from persistent abrasion with the ground.

Regarding the construction of these padel shoes, the mesh fabric has been used to help prevent sweat from accumulating in the shoes as it is highly breathable. The heel area, however, has been reinforced in order to enhance padding, providing enhanced comfort and avoiding potential ankle sprains.

Eva rubber has been added to the midsole, which gives greater cushioning to the foot when jumping and will be very soft, so so as to not cause any discomfort to the foot. 


Adidas Ubersonic 3 Pink / Black Padel Shoes 

The Adidas Ubersonic 3 pink black shoes hit the padel market with a pink design that supports equality in padel whilst offering incredible speed for the user.

These trainers feature a dual-layer stretch mesh upper with a supportive Sprintframe chassis in order to offer optimal stability. The reinforced outsole allows for reduced weight and provides superior grip and durability. The Adidas Ubersonic 3 is a premium pair of court shoes designed to provide enhanced control in matches, with the Abrasion-resistant ‘Adituff’ wrapping around the toes and forefoot to help to protect against foot drag. These padel shoes also feature ‘Adiprene’ underneath the heels for superior cushioning.

The breathable mesh upper delivers airflow and comfort with every step. The low-top inner structure moulds to the foot to keep it secure with great added support for the foot.

These padel shoes maintain a PU cushioning midsole with an Adiwear rubber sole, and the Sprintframe structure poses greater stability and speed in every match. 

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