3 Padel Techniques To Up Your Game This Summer

June 15, 2021

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to brush the dust off your padel racquet and get back onto the court. Padel is the perfect social game to play in the summer months as the game was designed to be played outdoors and it makes the perfect excuse to meet up with your padel friends.

Padel is one of the easiest sports to play with people of different ages and abilities being able to compete at a good level, without needing years of lessons to play. You might see yourself as a pro now, but there is always room for improvement! Padel is very similar to tennis and there are a few techniques that we think you should practice to become the ultimate padel player. These techniques will allow you to compete at the top levels of padel. In this article, padelpadelpadel will be discussing 3 padel techniques to up your game this summer.

The Serve

Your serve technique might not be as difficult to master as a tennis serve, but the serve in padel is one of the most important techniques to the sport. The first of 3 padel techniques to up your game this summer can be effective if performed correctly. We won’t be explaining how to serve in padel in this article, but will be discussing the best way to win a point from service. You must serve the ball diagonally, but there are two areas where you can aim for to achieve the best serve:

  • The middle of the court (this will force your opponent to use a backhand which is significantly less powerful than a forehand shot)
  • The edge of the court (these are difficult shots to return, so your opponent will be concerned with keeping the ball in play)

The Lob

The lob is rarely seen in tennis but is a technique used to take control of the net position. This technique will up your game because it will force your opponent to step back, which will allow you to take control of the court and better position yourself for the next shot. A lob can change the whole dynamic of the game as if your opponent is dominating a set, the technique can disrupt their rhythm and cause them to change their game plan. This will make the life of your opponent very difficult. 

The Volley 

The last of our 3 padel techniques to up your game this summer is the volley. A volley is very common in padel and can last up to 40 minutes before a point is scored. These volleys can be intense and you can really test your opponent’s fitness levels by using a volley. It will also test the agility of your competitor and allow you to find the weaknesses in their defence. 

There are many more techniques to master but these three are the best for people wanting to improve their overall game.

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