3 Best Padel Rackets For an Unbeatable Swing

3 Best Padel Rackets For an Unbeatable Swing

3 Best Padel Rackets For an Unbeatable Swing

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Written by Lauren Fortune

December 30, 2021

Playing padel is a great way to incorporate your fitness goals and have fun whilst doing it. With so many more people starting to take part in this sport, there has become an influx of equipment taking over the market. As a novice player, who is looking to become more advanced, knowing what your piece of equipment can do is always a good idea. Or, if you are a more advanced player, this article will break down for you what the best padel rackets of 2021 are.

1. Royal Padel M27

In 2021, there was a rise in amazing padel rackets flooding to the market. One of these was the Royal Padel M27, which was branded as the new, revoluntariary racket of the year.

This racket was a further development of the model released in 2020, and since then has gone through some major upgrades, which has ensured it’s more advanced for expert players. For example, there have been carbon reinforcements on the face, head and the frame of the racket meaning that it will last longer and have further durability. This adjustment has been made with expert or competitors in mind, as they take these rackets to their tournament and league games. With a blend of EVA rubber and polyethylene, this rubber mix means that its shock absorption is one of the best and allows for maximum performance when added to padel games. In addition, there is also the use of the rough honeycomb grid on the shovel side of the rackets, which allows for complete grip and even eases the ball effects. 

Uri Botello, the famous padel player hailing from Melilla, has used this racket. Since starting in 1999, Botello has had a passion for this sport and is even ranked 15th in the WPT. With his expertise, he has chosen these rackets as his weapon of choice once before to play this sport.

Royal Padel M27

2. Babolat Counter Viper

A fan favourite amongst padel players, this racket has definitely seen a spike in popularity this year. This outstanding racket was designed by Juan Lebron, another famous face from the padel community. Juan Lebron is a padel star coming from the heart of Spain, where he has conquered many high profile tournaments. Regularly, he is amongst the sport’s high-ranking players and has been playing since the young age of eight. Much like Uri Botello, he has many expertise in this field and with his mind on designing this specialised racket, you can almost guarantee it’s going to be out of this world. 

Not only did Lebron design this piece of equipment, he also uses it regularly in his games. With the combination of the shape, material, design and handle length, this racket is able to give you a fast ball speed output, which you will not find with other models on the market. Weighing in at 355 grams, you will see that it offers a perfect amount of control and comfort. 

Babolat Counter Viper

3. Head Alpha Pro

One that has to be on the list is the Head Alpha Pro racket, which has been described as one of the best out there. This incredibly powerful piece of equipment manages to have a perfect mixture of power and control, which means that you can still get in a good hit, whilst having that authority for all of your volley and lobs. 

If that wasn’t enough, Sanyo Gutierrez, from Argentine, who is known as being one of the veterans of the world padel tour famously uses one of these models.

Babolat Counter Viper

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