5 of the Best Padel Balls for Speed

March 4, 2022

The success of padel in the UK has skyrocketed in a very short timeframe. The sport has even seen famous celebrities playing padel, including Andy Murray and Peter Crouch most recently. As the sport continues to grow, as does the number of padel equipment retailers. Padel enthusiasts have a wide variety of options when it comes to accessories for playing padel. 

Padel balls are often perceived as the same as tennis balls, but in fact, they differ in regards to their pressure. The balls used for padel can be slightly larger than tennis balls, although the difference is very minor. Tennis balls generally have a diameter of somewhere between 6.54 and 7.30 cm, whilst padel balls are usually between 6.35 and 6.77 cm. In some cases, the balls are of different sizes but not all of the time. The pressure in a padel ball is also usually less than that of a tennis ball, which is why balls used for padel tend to bounce less. There are balls for beginners as well as other varieties for more experienced padel players, so it is important to find the right equipment for you, especially as each game of padel requires three balls throughout the match.

When it comes to padel – speed is everything. That’s why in this article we will explore some of the best padel balls for speed – we know it is important to find the best equipment for playing padel out there so that you and your match partner can be sure you have the fastest padel ball available.

Bullpadel Premium Pro

The Bullpadel Premium Pro ball offers excellent quality due to its resilience and durability in matches. As the official ball of both the Spanish Padel Federation and the World Padel Championships, it is understandable why this ball is a favourite for a variety of padel training and championship games. It will no doubt be a favourite at your local padel club or padel school due to its long durability. This ball is an excellent purchase for those seeking a slower, friendlier game where they can really work on their swing and form. 

Head Padel Pro

The Head Padel Pro offers a slightly slower speed than its alternative (Head Padel Pro S), however, with such durability this padel ball can be often seen across international competitions. The slower speed of the padel ball provides a nice feel in-game and makes it easier to play with. The Head Padel Pro balls are top sellers and it’s no surprise why.

Padel Tour X

Robin Söderling has collaborated with Swedish pro-player Simon Vasquez in order to design the reliable padel ball that is the RS Padel Tour X. This padel ball is of the highest quality, developed using the finest felt available on the market. The speed that this ball provides is at medium level, resulting in a slower-paced game with a nice feel during play. This is a great ball for all levels and would be excellent for a friendly game of padel with friends.

Babolat Padel Tour

The Babolat Padel Tour ball is the official Spanish Padel Tour ball, influenced by several players on the World Padel Tour. This popular padel ball offers speed and resilience, with added felt which makes the ball more durable. This padel ball provides speed whilst offering a comfortable feeling during games and is ideal for volleys and hitting hard.

Head Padel Pro S

The Head Padel Pro S is the official ball of the World Padel Tour and has been designed in partnership with some of the world’s top padel players. The balls are designed for padel players who are seeking to enhance the speed of their game, whilst adding a little extra ‘bounce’. This is an excellent padel ball for medium to advanced padel players who like a little extra speed in their padel games.

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