10 Of The Best Padel Clubs In The UK

June 9, 2021

Padel (also known as paddle tennis) is a new sport that has reached the shores of the UK from Mexico and has hit the domestic racquet sports scene by storm. The game is a hybrid between tennis and racquetball, which combines the skill of tennis with the ferocity of racquetball (squash). The sport’s rise in popularity is mainly due to its competitiveness, with many people testing their overall racquet ability by using a smaller racquet and using the walls of the court to score points. 

We have been thinking recently, where are the best padel clubs in the UK? So we at PadelPadelPadel have compiled our 10 best padel clubs in the UK that we think you should join.

Top Two Padel Clubs In Southern England

The Triangle: Burgess Hill, West Sussex

The newest addition to the state-of-the-art sports facility, The Triangle has a new floodlit padel court that is pay-as-you-play. The court is built in the style of a panoramic court that uses 3M thick glass all around, installed by Padel Tech. The court comes complete with an adjustable roof, allowing players to use the court in all weathers. Other benefits of using this facility are:

  • Court available all year
  • Free coaching
  • Private lessons with a qualified coach available
  • Equipment hire

The West Hants Club: Bournemouth, Hampshire 

Founded in 1926, The West Hants Club in Bournemouth is the padel club in the UK to join for all your racquet sports needs. The club has a membership scheme, which means you will need to become a member to have access to their padel court. However, this means that you are guaranteed a court (you must book two weeks in advance). You will have access to the very best sporting facilities. Other benefits of using this facility are:

  • Equipment hire
  • Coaching for all abilities
  • Access to an organised club with regular club meetings
  • Option to join a league

Top Two Padel Clubs In London

Stratford Padel Club: Stratford, London

Based in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, the UK padel club is the only indoor padel court in London that you can pay and play, rather than having to sign-up for membership. Stratford padel club was built by players for players and they really focus on encouraging young people into the sport. Benefits of using the club include:

  • Coaching
  • Tournaments at all levels (junior and senior)
  • Gym facilities
  • Access to bar
  • Physiotherapy

The National Tennis Centre: Priory Lane, London 

The National Tennis Centre in London has 3 padel courts in their high-performance sports facility and the courts are available on a pay-to-play basis on a weeknight and the weekends. The facility even includes a world-class sports science centre as well. The facility also features:

  • Accommodation
  • Ice baths
  • Meeting rooms
  • Organised events

Top Two Padel Clubs In Northern England

Huddersfield Padel Club: Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Huddersfield Padel Club pioneered the sport for padel clubs in the UK back in 2011, so their facilities are built with the player in mind which can be seen in their canopy-covered, 2 court Padel facility. The club believes it’s a great social game and they encourage many different people from a variety of backgrounds to give the sport a go. Other benefits include:

  • Pay as you play
  • Fully refurbished facilities
  • Access to Ellesse Padel Academy
  • All year-round access 

Middlesbrough Padel Club: Tennis World, Middlesbrough

After an impressive £400,000 upgrade to Tennis World, Middlesbrough Padel Club offers two first-class Padel Tech Redsport padel courts. It’s pay as you play and Middlesbrough are the only club outside of Manchester and Huddersfield in Northern England to offer covered, floodlit padel courts. The facility also offers: 

  • Access to clubhouse facilities
  • Equipment hire
  • Welcomes all abilities
  • Coaching

Top Two Padel Clubs In Scotland

Barnton Park LTC: Edinburgh

Barnton Park was founded in 1909 and this UK padel club provides family-friendly tennis facilities for all ages. The club has seen the success of padel and has partnered with Game4Padel to offer a state of the art padel court. It’s a pay as you play membership and Game4Padel provides lessons for all ages and abilities. Benefits of using the club include:

  • Access to clubhouse facilities
  • Equipment hire
  • Family events
  • Coaching

Hatton Sports Club: Kirknewton, Midlothian

Hatton Sports Club’s padel court is only accessible through paid membership, but it gives you all the perks that come with that and you can invite guests on your membership. The club is great for all ages and abilities. Other benefits include:

  • Free equipment hire
  • Unlimited guest use
  • Friendly environment

Top Padel Clubs In Wales And Northern Ireland

Windsor Penarth LTC- Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

Pay and the play hire, Windsor Penarth LTC is currently welcoming new members and offers a variety of facilities for all racquet sports. With a growing community of padel players in Wales, Windsor Penarth LTC is the only facility in Wales to offer a padel court at club level. Other benefits of using this facility are:

  • Floodlit courts
  • Friendly environment
  • Growing padel community

Eddie Irvine Sports: Bangor, County Down

The sports centre was established in 2003 by local Formula 1 legend Eddie Irvine and provides the first 2 padel courts in Northern Ireland. This is a great family-run facility for all your sporting needs and offers padel players:

  • Coaching with professional padel players
  • Social events
  • Indoor padel courts
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